notes 61 -64 w16sh.


  • fur trader, damsel fly, okra, true love’s kiss, organ donation
  • Contains a line from a pet care manual.
  • secretion, ambulance, dahlia, gale, Job, tassles
  • hula dancer, subway, harpoon, faith, Moscato

okra and organ donation

damsel fly and the damned fur trader’s sly

and true love’s kiss.


pet care manualll…. hmn, mis peroxide and baking soda to get off skunk spray… some bleaching can occur.

trade of material possessions for sex.  — fur trader. (urban dictionary)  sperate eyes… 😉

all time and for now you’ll be having seperate eyes. – seperate LIVES is a stephen bishop song made famous by phil collins and marilyn martin  I believe for the movie white nights but that part i’m not so sure of.

okra –

note how close this RED okra is to a dangerous seeming chili  pepper.

true love’s kiss – disney bullshit/sanitation

organ donation – well, this is going to delve into organ transplant somehow 😉 so – interesting how this brings up the line it’s no skin off my nose…idiom… 😉

secretion –  get your rap on… serious rhymes available.

ambulance – oddly there is nothing much standoutish about the word as it’s in use throughout time more as a concept rather than a tag word we’d use for the actions of aid.  or as a specific vehicle type.   / job.  yes, i watched far far far too many steam car vids to not remember the company i’d know only as a decent brand typically of a sewing machine… did in fact make steam and other kinds of cars/trucks.  the reasons for their scarcity isn’t that they weren’t made well oh no, they were made very well with hardened steel unlike many  lesser metals of the time so when war came in 1914, yep, many whites past the useful life were recycled for the war effort.  obviously a lot survive.  now obviously for this time frame…now… the only reason steam gets unique is that it barely had it’s turn of the century times/records broken i.e. over 140mph in the early nineteen hundred to a britishtest in the 2–‘s that may or may not be contested in the early 200’s…the first was a stanley steamer driven by a founding partner/twin  later to wreck and be killed… we know stanley steamers not as the automobile but a carpet cleaning service.  doble not double abner dough bull doble put the condenser coil to steamers and also a wicked steam generator that wasn’t a tea kettle but a far less intensive of heat/time smaller tube in a wicked hotter fire for very fast heat up…and with his e type not jaguar he predated them folk by 25 ish years, put to the road an early retractable hard top convertable.  but as you never so much see steam save as a circusy stunt, it’s safe to say steam pretty much dies with one last nail in the coffin for it, the electric starter motor for the tin lizzy petrol thingy for fords and other autos too…by bye steam. why wait 2- seconds with a contraption a hundred and some years old that few could afford that hissed and clicked versus roared and rumbled?  baker automobiles tried organizing in the mid to later twenties to try in pueblo colorado my current state of residence but failed quickly… bessler bought out doble… they went no where fast and aside from a couple of one offs in the sixties seventies, steam was long long dead despite interest…however, here’s an oddity, the 1965 law enacted for the first interstate highway speed limit which was fifty five mph was sold to be for gasoline savings… odd that the crisis for gas was many years away as was even pollution control and i believe even seat belts weren’t all that strictly used  even if preston tucker made them standard on his the last of any independant man trying to bust into automobile manufacture…for his torpedo….  i’m not really even a steam buff nor cur buff.  but there you are.  a sewing machine stitcher now with a stretcher for stitching you up.

dahlias come to us with cortez and conquest and are the mexican national flower of 1963 and forward.  elizabeth short or the “black dalia” was murdered and found mid january 1947 cut in pieces..- dahlias are pretty, black is darkness but oddly the nickname wasn’t accurate to ms short’s life but only her as a sensation in death best as can be shown – interestingly she got the boot from california for underage drinking and instead of going home to her mother in massechusettes, she returned to florida and her beau to be who pretty much bought the farm in ww2 but why california? her dad estranged for a time because of the depression/lack of money failure moved there without the family and appologized for leaving and thus short gravitated there mainly for health concerns but didn’t get along with him.  dahlias didn’t grow very well outside of prize royal or intensive gardens so aren’t the aztec food source reborn.


gale or strong wind isn’t very pinnable to origins words.. but gol or gal… hmn  galling I know and gala i’ve heard of, I wonder if they connect while I’m not going to defend this one to the nth degree as legit meanings gale gala connect… but oh lord that’s  brings a weird twist to the phrase let’s blow this joint to mean ditch a lame party perhaps even an exclusive party…to be legit sarcasm… gale means blow and connects with  😉 gala to mean party… job / lump 😀

tassles – fringe now, toss of small cords then.

faith, 2. belief that is not based on proof:  so even saying i have faith only says to others i’m even more ignorantly stupid and devout but dumb…. this wasn’t the original definition of faith but as it saw wider use  as in i have faith in someone in a seccular sense, it is and was accurate but now taints the whole meaning to make it legally dismissable entirely.

hula – otherwise what it means to be hawaiian… not everything hawaiian just an aspect of it.

subway – asside froma popular sanwich shop chain – a subway as in under ground / sub and way to mean transit but mainly railway.. first london 1863 begun in 1860 so while the brits wouldn’t have minded the csa or the american south  – politically they were more interested in getting the tube.

harpoon – be it clasp  hook snake or grasped… it is a tool.

moscato from muscat musky / seductive… wine.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “notes 61 -64 w16sh.”

Wild interesting intriguing words…good notes on those words.
I don’t have time now, but shall check out the links late late later tonight.
I love okra, but didn’t know it could be red!
Well, I’m off now (yes, I know…I’m always OFF…a bit nutso! 😛 )…I mean off to do some running around and some painting of the town red!!! 🙂 Meeting friends in a few for some fun! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…I wonder if ambulance drivers see lots of secretions?!

ew. 🙂 anyways yes, i go this way to powerfully speed up one’s libraring… no i do not do all the work of tykng all i see into the notes and properly cover the thoughts in a nicely sequenced way 😀 lol but if I did, wouldn’t that be a robbery if someone beat me to a cool idea ?? lol 😀 i do like knowing okra is essentially a fruiting holly hock …irritating weed them things are. happily take up a hole yard if they could 😀

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