Procure and Pack

I went to the metaphysical fair and shopping  before and after.  I got another round of aura pictures me and mom that is  and unlike last time where it seemed my heart was ripped out, it seems as if I am stable 😉  I hit the chinese place without the recipe book and I later laugh if i picked wrongly and walmart on the way home for available itemry not requiring order to the store.

Chinese shopping because i had to remember it see how well.

black vinegar – it say black vinegar on the bottle check.

fish sauce – it says such on the SMALL BOTTLE  I have had that before a little can be too much!

oyster sauce – oyster sauce

plum sauce – plum sauce

had rice wine vinegar at home

dark soy – dark soy

soy sauce – my favorite silver swan soy/ phillipines.

sesame oil

black bean paste

hot black bean paste

um, I’m not sure i got these pegged as i got sauces instead

I strayed getting some chinese bbq sauce and pineapple syrup  I know I dislike chinese five spice powder already but lol i’m cooking with the notion to complete a recipe not immediately match my own tastes.  I also got bobas which i know i don’t like either but not intensely disliking either Tapioca always reminded me of my own boogers tasted better.  yeah yeah tmi ew.  but green tea which is a tad bland for me and also procured milk and bobas is one of the drinks in the back and thus the pineapple syrup so it tastes worth having 😉

I also got not on the list black rice as they had a small pack about a pound’s worth  black rice is inky almost tasting and mega gourmet seafood special but I was hoping they had the red cargo rice in the same small pack as i like that as a mix with mostly white for a seafoody as in not inky this time but shrimpy taste.  I also got both black and white sesame seeds as the black is mega magic with rice and tuna for sushi/that taste.

i failed to spot fermented soy bean themselves as in dried- this isn’t surprising as i see poorly and speak not a lick of foreign.  I also failed to get a non cooking version of chinese rose wine as i got rice wine which is murin  I don’t know I’ll likely drop a drop of rose oil in it or something – I’m not above cheating 😀


I got

2 teaballs and own a huge boquette garne one or a ball big enough to literall make 5 gallons of loose leaf tea.  already

6 cheap pairs of corn holders  I wanted the fancy ones but i wasn’t buying two sets for 12  over what i did spend

penny matches but of course they had no f-ing multipac k lighters on display for MY way out so total failure at the walmart per usual.

barman’s friend on the cheap

2.5 gallon ziplocks as you just go ahead and try to find them when you need them in a small town go on.

a decent zipper gallon bag of ziplocks box

cleaning gloves as every once in a while you need them and not having them is a week or two for me to get out  so

aura wise i am more closed than ever  as in sick of the bullshit but as i said….stable. 😉  oddly i work right now finding lyrics to copy paste so that i have my return to work in october plus a completely free day also for another already set to print.  it takes about 2 hours to get 20 songs with credible writers info and hopefully accurate lyrics lol.  i’ve two discs so i’ll be four hours in and it’d take 4 hours more combined to print collate and make a booklet of somekind.  or I am not doing it all but i’ll laugh if they chintz out so I’m doing all the work as it has music and we’ve 3 not one singers there now so 😉 perhaps they’ll understand MUSIC is what moves this bunch as a group, not m lame-o to them bingo.     the idea is that they’ve area tunes for 1.5 hours! of major party action! per disc! woot!  and thus a completely new bit of freshness whereas otherwise it’s sstaler than soggy croutons with what we have.

back to beer.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Procure and Pack”

A metaphysical fair would be fun to go to. I wish someone would read my aura & give me some info on that. Your shopping list is fancier than mine. I confess I don’t like Walmart. These days I avoid going. peace & smiles to you

I’m packing so lol forgive me if I list some. 🙂 aura pictures/ readings. I cant in two seconds find the exact company sponsoring my area’s body mind spirit celebration/festival. I’ll look on my aura pick. I know it’s held every year or even twice a year and many differing companies celect areas to run their verision on the theme. I’m fairly sure though you’ll have to travel to perhaps even nm to get i n on yours or hopefully not that bad but dallas ish. the trick is, I don’t know the aura company by name. however I do know so of the expected day. it’s usually 20 bucks for 20 minutes for a psychic reading most are always fun and the aura pictures are simple dimple 20 bucks or more to double if you wanna go fancy. concession rape pricing exists inside and curiously enough they shut down soda machines so as to limit spills and such as much of this bobble-ware is expensive and not water friendly.
– – as to mr fancy heh I don’t fit the red dress in reba macintyre’s tune so 😛 I’m not particularly fancy at all! 😀 joking aside I’m right at the point that I can make much of anything with a simple trip to the market.. I lack only condiments hoisin sauce andthe fermented dried black beans but the sauce I can get along with the self stable noodle/wrap product i’ll not easily find there. I need also get a stteamer set up as I suspect the first thing I’ll make is a roast pork/meat dish for steamed buns. the bns can be fancy chinese or pilsbury biscuits in a tube rolled out to be more pancakey/pita bread ish.. this allows me something blending again what i know to be also something to recipe ish. I expect I should not crack another beer yet and pack my prized kitchen gear and medications. my sister hits town tomorrow night. of course they have other business so i leave like friday evening..

Busy, busy, busy! I wondered about prices. I’ll have to google for a place close around here that may do the aura reading. There is a place that does palm reading (maybe it wad tarot) which I would trust more than some. Oh you are fancy & enjoy cooking ;-). Living alone I typically feel I can’t be bothered.

I am a sagittarius 😉 of course there is a fancy streak to me somewere 😀 as to palm reading and or tarot. while i cant drum up the lying enthusiasm as i have a dash of issues with belief 😀 it isn’t my passion… I find that it is supposed to be entertaining as it is thought provoking which has little to do with how well or well learned people are. for instance, i get just about every blasted reversed tarot card and rune every reading and it’s depressing to say the least as reversals are rarely kindly. but if one was to ignore that permutation the reading would lack a truth to it. thus I liked other sites than for my divinations but even i bow to the fun of it and? the facade people are still there unlike others who almost to a person went christian and this stuff went the way of the devil when it’s not particularly magic …now i wouldn’t say sitting to a ouija board and chanting black magic incantations as particularly christian but that’s my take on that subject. it’s a love of life and living and tarot doesn’t necessarily tell me anything I don’t already know but then i’m not exactly contacting spirits persay. now is prett with the runes but why they were never my favorite is you can not simply neglect typing in anonomymous and some kind of something in their box of a question this irks me as I don’t wish the loss of my privacy. I get around this with initial like which nasty fantasy and person initials yes or no? 😀 just do not ask if it lies, that tends to ruin it if you’re sensitive and it isn’t! 😀 I have also sat to a pschic reading she suggested i seek a more religious life now in a way that i have without being religious per say, it seems i have my answer versus having returned to a painful religious upbringing situation to chase sadness 😀 I have had a zillion palm readings courtesy of mom so much so i read her book some and gave facetious ones along with handmassages at work. but fact remains if it doesn’t move you and you know you can not say you believe in advance, I hope youre prepated to haave fun and do indeed as its surely not a cheap experience!

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