Remember when?

about this time

2 years ago – I began full days volunteering to see about getting a job. it worked as soon as they fired the first pick for never showing up.

3 years ago I had to move as the letter said my lease no longer was being honored nor the price to it…my roommate lost his financial means and had cancer to boot.

4 years ago i finished my first week volunteering at where I now work – 4 of 33 perhaps remain the same.

5 years ago I just survived the moving costs to be sorta free again..sigh of relief!

6 years ago the whole family was together as everyone’s but Mom’s places went belly up.

7 ago had me just into mom’s as I was sick of waking up where the decor was “like a nightclub threw up”

8 years ago it was a new chance at the same old scenario of the siblings want to move but without me it wouldn’t fly…I move in and a week later one bait and switches the move right on out.

9 years ago I was up north by metro standards happy I didn’t hit the furnace on button so that power consumption was pretty much as programmed.

10 years ago I weighed 205 not 165. I just signed into a 3 year lease. thus, I could smoke in the house… felt like a king…shhh, of course ew to most of you.

11 years ago I had just returned from traveling about the country. it was rather neat to see gettysburg national battlefield.

12 years ago I was dead broke in the middle of the nearly 2 years of waiting for ssdi as I had missed a letter from ssi so was suspended as it pretty much did my whole life. I had references and finally showed the evil signs of eff this noise during an interview…needless to say if one can’t handle an interview one can’t handle a customer nor a job of them.

13 years ago I just called on a letter on the 15 day of 14 max and they meant it I wouldn’t get a cent for 2 years nearly.

14 years ago I was just between oklahoma and colorado as my 3 week love affair had went south….and I north.

15 years ago I had no idea what life was to bring but improvements at work…nope…anything meaningful? well sure but lol…just wait.

16 years ago I was honestly trying…the math looked perfect to just try for that grandfathered benefits thing even if the word was they were taking such away.

17 years ago I was in crushing love with the radiologist at where I volunteered. it nor a job directly from this experience were not to be.

18 years ago is about as blank as 2003 as I was in-between opportunities.

19 years ago I became a company guy not a temporary employee at a customer service entity that is now a school but originally was a vacant warehouse of western electric…which via a flood killed a homeless person and previously was one heck of a sight when the tornado hit it in 86 ish.

20 years ago I was just hired into my second together full time job. obviously I’d lose one swiftly but as I didn’t choose fast enough it was the better one of the two… I kept seven eleven graveyards woo decking whoo. this means I also started as a regular smoker as well, no, I haven’t quit yet.

21 years ago I was going to fail school. I’m not good at french via immersion. tin ear. I didn’t think twice as I worked the lab in question and had heard it failed to save…there went composition too.

22 years ago I was not yet out of high school – I was a peer counselor sitting for a spell with a couple of pretty gals…no luck mind you…working circles amounts on checks and subscription postcards for a living.

23 years ago. there just about seemed no end to the misery of nothing in sight. just NOTHING… I didn’t know I’d gain a gal pal soon enough, a job with a room full of gals even if that’s a cathouse of hell when the last thing they wanted or needed was a teenaged male… don’t worry they didn’t hint, they said so 😉

24 years ago we hadn’t moved from the family home across town downward in the socioeconomic scales so it still was shitty neighbors and the cops to listen to often enough I knew the faces.

25 years ago. hell! I hadn’t anyone to really talk to, most of my long standing friends had to move including the first love affair. it was not a surprise I had the confidence of a quiet mouse so failed public speaking outright. I thus had no success regaining the build able for only others glory of what was before. I hadn’t the grades for sports. I had shaky enough times at home with one job showing signs of it the lynch pin of finances about to dissolve…yet mom and pops for other reasons too got along somewhat poorly. I was also adamant if anyone listened 😉 that I wasn’t part of that church thing.

26 years ago I was a god. okay, second string defensive tackle for a team that never turned anyone away so we fielded 45 players. I had someone to fondle and chase. I found kurt vonnegut.

27 years ago I think it was this day I turned around during a film to a punch in the face… I think he really wanted to see the show. :S

28 years ago I opened the door and saw her rise obviously to shut it…there is a time in life to become fully aware of what is out and about.

29 I remember detention. I think I earned this one 😉

30. I didn’t know that breaking my arm twice was the end of my hopes in sports… not from the injury but it’d be 4 years til I fought for another unsuccessful bid at lasting sports legacy. I really am not-so-hot at any sport being blind but, for that moment it was mine the empire of adulation, to know I brought in the winning run when everyone thought I’d one two three sit down…it was t-ball too so thanks for the confidence jerks!

31 okay maybe not to the day but about this time I think I go burnt for knowing the answers to a test the incorrect way.

32 years ago yep, detention or some other embarrassing event. sis was here and I was a middle child. about to enjoy another 3 years to live down any number of nicknames only to gain another.

33 years ago. I remember beginning to love watching for the mail. I didn’t know why but I got to see my name on some. sure I know why now, I was disabled and during a lovely time of unemployment/layoffs I got to help the ship not sink at least in namesake.

34 years ago I remember having just written a story courtesy of the magic teacher’s pull from drawers and learned if just barely how to read. I vividly remember a 12 x 12 cubed thing that showed the 12 x 12 times table. I was a tad ahead in appearances of others even if some wiring didn’t quite the rewire… i.e. I lacked most of the motor control center of my brain from seizures which meant something as simple as the warning of bowels didn’t reach my consciousness…what a mess that ends up being primarily socially.

35 years ago I remember two creatures walking around from the courtyard area of the cafeteria to having one of the hyenas spit the whole carrot in my face… it wasn’t long afterwards I saw myself atop the mound/mountain having defeated/cowed a fourth grader and watching the teacher carry a later friend bodily desk and all out of the room… you don’t need to know that corporal punishment was allowed then and you could hear the whole school away.

36 years ago. I remember the radishes at preschool. I wasn’t then impressed it looked like some scraggly weeds. I remember sitting on a swing looking around noticing most had friends and I did not.

37 years ago mom said she had bad news, there would be and really never has been christmas sense.

I’m not marylou henner, I do not possess a perfect unerring sense of dates and picture perfect memory. but surely you can understand, these are memories none the same and outside of the dates being off slightly, they did occur. I do not remember much of anything significant prior to 3 save plugging a key into an electrical outlet to be seeing a spark like a snake and being well electrocuted or looking over just barely a coffee table out grandmother’s window in detroit town. I am well into 40 years here. just 40 not 41

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Remember when?”

Wow, what a stroll through memory lane…your interesting history…even tho’ you don’t claim to be Mary Lou Hennerish (I think it’s called H-Sam), you remember A LOT! 🙂
I love hearing about people’s earliest memories. They are always interesting!
I take it you did not taste the radishes?!
HUGS!!! 🙂

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