trolling the past.

I was trolling history as in my email for a term paper that I didn’t find. I know I have a book draft in there too. I am reminded of the magic of memories. I reread the postings of my subscriptions digest of then xanga.

I am reminded corned beef and cabbage is rather recent and American versus quintessentially Irish. I can’t believe how time flies and that it is only memories that I have as the Irishman in question left due to an illness he courageously fought. I remember that we were to have a bacon and cabbage fry up… he said that was more in keeping with his memories of food… I know rashers exist but they still are not easy to procure or even find in town – oddly enough they’re pretty much a brined pork chop / Rashers…and an early and irritating nickname growing up…prior to me having any rashes or being overly plump. that memory too is but that a memory as that dear old dad has been gone ten years as well.And any exciting cooking probably for a good number of years to come will remind me of the chef who didn’t like eating…she’s gone too. interesting that it’s st patrick’s day that is memories versus a more salient holiday to dance with ghosts – halloween.

I suppose it’s easy to remember in that today or as observed often on it’s nearest weekend to it, St patrick’s day is a fine adult booziest holiday. Like being in the parade for st patrick’s day on the bus in a not quite ken keesian way but you were on the bus or you were not. the smiling finn was idling it down the route. mr aviator sunglasses in a suit with a hip flask of absinthe was generally being “cool” it really was worrisome jumping on and off a moving vehicle but, the bus ride wasn’t free, there was cheering to be done! this memory blends with other times like all the major bars an irishman would visit like fado’s as they’d play soccer and rugby matches, I remember being quite the ass showing up with a bottle of absinthe, which then wasn’t sold. so I wasn’t depriving the operators of cash…although I sure did get a looking down on for breaking the law. or how irish new year is 5 pm the day before as of the time zones…and it was where many a fine evening was had… originally though not with the irishman I was introduced to the place afar a young dubliners concert and as usual, I being clueless met the band in all places, the john….but didn’t know it. 😉 I suppose I should mention that it also was interesting I was only there for a time… not exactly welcome or unwelcome as in I was always greeted with a smile, but, I wasn’t part of the scene unless there with someone who was… I sat in my empty table outside and hardly spoke with a soul. or try to pry away a date before I truly was unwelcome 😉

I had better luck at a dive bar down the road a pace where one could be the title of the joint but more likely a victim of them…bushwhackers. I read of a drink called a lunchbox. i still order them but here is where I obtained the memory… smoking inside on a winter’s night which as you can imagine just is against social rules anymore and then the actual law too for here. I enjoyed my lunch boxes. quite tasty. the vibe never was unexciting or unfriendly. not quite my place like the irishbar above nallan’s where one was part of the group or NOT.

there also was the duff’s which is consigned to history where many a corned beef was had…. I found it while wanting the one who had her a purple felt dress with matching contacts for it. no luck. to continue this no luck, duff’s gets the distinction of being the second time corned beef cost me dearly. I had a fine sandwich and my then favorite beer grolsch which I’d have still love for but it’s just too often skunk….just like my luck with it.. that sandwich and beer was an hour later buying peroxide after tripping over a lot demarkation curb….the second time I took it in the teeth for corned beef …the first was fitzgerald’s now saratoga in blackhawk after remembering the agonies of a molar in decay to find out it had to crumble during my fine corned beef dinner after a bowl of the then best ever potato leek soup with garlic/and mozzarella galore. all those corny bits of bad luck cost me a lot of chair time with the pretty lady dentist with the evil lidocaine needle…and obviously about all I made that year too. it shouldn’t surprise you that the teeth memories were of a place gone to time- the house is there but the ownership changed hands and the lady of the original side of it is…passed. of course time passes and as much as I love corned beef, my kidneys do not appreciate the joys that are a hunk of salty beef…. I’m lucky I can ever have the stuff.

talk about unlucky, my favorites food never has been lucky for me to have… dental woes to plumbing woes and a whole lot of ghost and memories along the way.

lol, turns out to be an English post versus of Irish one….but if it came out this idea of bacon and cabbage… this would be a presentational goal.

now the question is, will I manage to pro cue and present myself in pants anywhere today. it’s only3.5 blocks over and 1.5 down to the nearest cabbage. I could be at the bars any listed by 4 reasonably enough. I could also just about be in the hills with just enough dough to slot machine up some luck…. or, I have insulin and sugar pop and surely plenty enough whiskey to have a snootful here… I really haven’t much of a clue what I should do. none of the above sounds particularly appeaing. but, memories and imaginations come when they do.

it’s also worth reminding you corned beef roast cookers of:
odoulle’s amber – non alcoholic beer. which more so than light lagers or 3.2% or even GUINNESS is thee best for your beer addition to the pot.
I usually do my meat up by itself first for about an hour or two- with 2/1/4 beers.
then add the peeled potatoes and carrots for about 45 minutes
then top this with first shredded cabbage…and then the lid and about 3/4 of another beer.

the staging gives me cooked through cabbage that yt isn’t disgusting over-stewed. my meat’s typically fork spreadably tender and everything else still tastes reasonably like it should but has the flavors.

I would be happy if I got my memories to look like this 😀 oh and before you ask, YES I put in the spice packet with the meat in the beginning. but if I do I have to add a few grains of coriander later to freshen the scents.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “trolling the past.”

😦 I am sorry for your loss. You have a good many memories. You remind me to do bacon and cabbage. I started my corned beef in the slow cooker at 2:00 a.m. by 2:00 p.m. it was yum (a little salty … more potatoes can fix that). Spice packet in the beginning here, too. And your pictures sure do look tasty. Happy Pat Day.

snaps fingers… I was doing my best to be wry rather than sob-sotory. 😀 I haven’t a roast going this time. I likely won’t either – not today. but i do have a chocolate coke going. I usually rinse my roasts thoroughly prior to pot-time. even still it is briny… which reminds me of brainy when she always pronounced it briny. that was one of the finn’s roommates after he moved along from the perry palace and oo la la would I have also liked her around more often! the last evening I remember her was where I was over to put forth stuffed baked potatoes, bison bourgignon …well cabernet anyways. doctored up wine with or beer with chambords. I always had a blessing to be happily after the joy of cooking at mr finn’s homes. and there just isn’t any smile better in memories of the semi disgust of serving a gal carb bombs prior to an island vacation with bikini hopes :D…oh they want it but hate me slightly too 😀 of course, wait too long and marriage claims many she’s gone (she’s gone) I’d (NOT) pay the devil to replace her…hall and oates of course. which reminds me of a paula wherein I remember so well the probably oh two of sitting about handwriting a poem meany wouldn’t send me back. pretty you can not hold. I remember hoping as I would spending company with a nice lass it would be more. which leads back to the theme of above’s blog… it just is a moment of time…but skip the whitney whine. the nice thing or hell of life is that it so often just is pond rings rippling

First – YUM to all reports of food. I’ve not cooked Corned beef in ages due to limited salt intake. But the reminder of Cabbage & Bacon will most likely be dinner this even. Memories, be the sad or happy, are what make up a good part of our later lives. Where would we be without them. A wonderful share, my dear. Happy S. P. D!!! 😀

Did you ever find the paper or the book draft?!
My Dad has been gone around the same amount of time as your Dad.
What chef didn’t like eating?!
Hope you had a good and tasty St. Patrick’s Day!
I like cabbage…corned beef not so much.
HUGS!!! 🙂

the “book draft is easy as blank blank whatever. that I know if you want to read how i lose my thread only to repeat it, I’ll let you after all 500000 word I haven’t wasted an effort to correct. I’m sorry you lost your loved one to memories alone. 🙂 hug i miss mine no not every day day as I’m a jerk who is shallow. but I do miss mine and have had occasion t o mention them.

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