I got my damned wish ;)

the other day a little birdie must’ve told me to get snappy…thing snappy tom’s bloody mary mix thanks to reading “a chaulk outline’s” blog update…I put together my book of silly things like HOW I begin to use the usual suspects of work information. I will point out I went about that wrong as thus was called to account for this chicanery only to hear I got my wish once that tomorrow I work I am the house whilst my director seeks a personal moment of her own business. I have already snooped over meetings and papers that may or may not require me to ask questions about. but while this is my update after a sugar coma…I was eyeing a bottle of v8 at the walgreens when I went hungry thus spent just under double of what I actually went to accquire- the point of this is sugar coma had something to do with non alch bubbly, it’s good… …and most importantly a chocolate infinity ice cream bar… or two sugars followed by a hamburger in a row…sugar comas happen .. but let’s talk about why I came here…history. for those of you thinking of reading some f. scott fitzgerald…something to remind you where boogie came from. scott joplin in turn of last century’s aught I warn you it’s piercing icecream truck perky tom mix in a colorado filmed movie the sound track makes me cringe a bit some east texas blues -there is a shot at a cd of her whole works because not everyone was livin’ the jazz age in the roarin’ 20’s

as you can tell I’m not focused as yet to anything exactly black history for black history month even if i have a keys players.’tSheSweet(1927)_MelodeeWordRoll-47442_PaulineAlpert.mid ain’t she fine I believe was the tune’s name and is circa 1927 for australia. yes, a tad international still in my history. and that’s relatively new… a mbira tune with a singer.

but, while I haven’t anything specific to black history month planned, it doesn’t hurt my ifeelings to get a little historical. I want beer it’s far away as in 30 mins round trip with interested shopping. I have to work tomorrow as I said, I get my wish to improve. damn it. I’d right now prefer a beer.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

17 replies on “I got my damned wish ;)”

purdy good it did πŸ™‚ it was one of those things that I guessed right, boss wasn’t able to make our activity point. bonus good fortune for me. chef lead got a bottle of wine shared his bloom your fennel for salads tricks… shaved then into ice cubes water for a few moments then drained as this takes that tack cardboard ish taste of the stuff…funnel if I failed to mention…yet leaves that crisp … something that mmm really pleases me to remember.. I have only ever grilled/sautued it or used the seed. and once at fancy land dinner saw the top used as a greens fountain from a cream gravied chicken breats. I can only have the low sodium v8 but here’s te caviot, I like anyone can held to task to remember that high potassium levels encourage heart attack and i pass potassium well differently on bp meds so I still am not free with the stuff… hint low sodium v8 is a damned fine potassium source πŸ˜‰ tthey use a potassium salt with the other stuff to make it still salted…now to get your vid’s visited. smiley hugs. the kind that say coffee is coming oh joy πŸ˜€

kick that fortune cookie make πŸ˜€ one in the shins πŸ˜€ speaking of which it’s a fifteen day festival beginning I believe on your special day forchinese new year. you going chinese eatin? I think you should be on the lookout for…hmn, time for a keyboard. (making shit up) 龍牛肉 Dragon beef. there’s a 3 dragons beef and a beef dragon…as a side…but it’s just fun to use that keyboard / google translate. you’re better off with beef and tomato from canton. otherwise you risk devil chili one too many. however watch out that passing notes in the restaurant is about as naughty as passing notes in class – you may have to explain yourself… I’ve done it when i wanted a chicken and lemongrass but NOT as a curry. trust me the cook if not slammed is usually interested…. one watched me eat what he gauged was too hot for customers πŸ˜‰ I made it water free through lunch πŸ˜€ pissed them off just a little πŸ˜‰

Aww, you just tweaked my vegetarian genes. I’m already protesting chickens … sort of. I did have wings the other day. And they got me back the next day. πŸ˜€

lol. I think one of the kids of my residents just drove me home. was in a tad of a state. as COVER storyies go, seems she’s due to be married near tax day…and as you can imagine the thrill of tax day, she wasn’t vibing ready. bit of party pro…way beyond my silly lil world. poor thing next to my friend me 10 feet ahead mentioning the obvious carefull, my sidewalk is icy…took a tumble. stayed for a moment – but, this is the odd part, the driving home was…dim view….the driving away was glide smooth . anyways head shaker. if I’m right. eyebrow lifters and smiless for a while. πŸ˜‰ if not, 50 picked me up o n the corner ooo I’m hot! place damned wreck brokest I can possibly be that instant lol oh well me friendly and careful enough to be soothing. and i get to holler at the hairdresser for picking up strays. πŸ˜€

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