let’s whimsy. There are places left to see. Let’s go about finding out if it can be done 🙂

this picture if it displays covers…. ar, la, ky, tn, ms, wv, al, va, nc, ga, sc, and fl I have visited florida, wv, va, ky, and tn. this leaves six shots to cover my experiences.

arkansas has within it texarkansas wherein I need only a coor’s banquet beer and a picture of me enjoying the memories of smokey and the bandit movies.

from texarkansas is next shreveport la. I can hardly care so long as i get some true creole food….IN LOUISIANA.

straight across this shreveport line is… mississippi. due to vagueries of routes I do not believe I can easily do the coast..biloxi…and thus must choose to hit something like tupelo if I can and then mosey through to alabama. why, tupelo honey is a van morrison song and I believe there is a whisper of a chance to get REAL fried chicken in Mississippi.

alabama is harder in that I don’t think I can hit any specific town and I know busses well enough to know this kind of trip just is a lazy rambler with prescious few minutes to actually achieve anything unless I wish to wait 14 hours for a five minute fast food. but montgomery seems to say there is a growing small town pizza thing where art and vision enter into the usual business vagueries but somehow you get a good pie. perhaps I might do a pulled pork pizza… I think they do such like said.

hotlanta georgia is likely the mecca of transit hubs and as I said, I likely have to do the states via bus and the vagueries of travel worn places. I’d prefer sanvanah so as to hit georgian seafood. then the bugger of

anything south carolina to a place to hop a plane home or to philadelphia so as to sneak over to wilmington deleware. this would put me in the fourties of fifty states to visit.

thus me, ma, nh, vt, ri would be the northern coridor.

nd, mt, nv, hi, and ak would be left.

now I’ve looked and looked and there is no published route from nd up to the canadian plains corridor so it’d be hard to visit winnepeg and hope however close to tick off nd. but there is trains history in canada and service berries or june berries to be had along with chili via the plains and hot dishes.

mt is a pain too in that I dont drive so gracier national park or pretty anything is actually surprisingly out.

nevada is easy pick your sin city. go there.

there is of course a LOT of history such as the lewis and clark american discovery mission of the louisianna purchase. but again likely I cant do this due to not driving.

the thing is I dislike the idea of southern states in the worst of the heat and humidity. hmn hmn hmn 😉 well

vt has a short hop to montreal canada and nh is also quite politically charged but has one neat non peoply thing it has atlantic shore… and corn chowder. me has lobster sandwiches, massechusettes has tea and boston. I’d be curious if the beans were still legendary. baked beans. rhode island has something I’m sure.

the new england side of things means maple syrup coming home. I like maple syrup.

the south doesn’t offer this.

well that means there now two approaches to tick off states again. lets hope whimsy comes with cash so it’s not words of a blog

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “Whimsy”

why WHY are there vagaries of routes? you’re willing to do buses but not trains? wait. money. ok. got that part. ok so we’re doing the greyhound thing? wait. you so did not mention food. i.e. in what you’ve packed to handle the trip.
uh, yah. whimsy does bring cash. or. ….let go and let god, as your grandmama might of said. you dream it, let it go, and watch. 😉

lol. food? I’ve managed on a bag of sunflower seeds to a whole grocery sack of crap. I avoid the sacks as I just sit there and eat….salt/sugar/fats whatever I’m to control intake of. I have also had the good sense to enjoy the stops wherever. it’s a pity they’re all alcohol free and you’re watched and physicall booted if you sneak a drink. at least on greyhound. I of course know how to enjoy not so stinky drinks anywhere. I don’t care.
now as to vagueries of destinations that’s not hard greyhound long ago switched from across the map ticketing routes to trying to hub city and only hub city making it twice as long and expensive to see multiple destinations. fying helps but obviously a tour of states requires some investigation. adventuring is discouraged and I’m not free to just go and drive it.

🙂 just the exercise is dreaming and I like to mr fantasy should enjoy a few. reality often isn’t worth that whatever part of brain it says it is. I mean all that traveling malaise I mean I was lucky in my solos in that I had company often. i can just imagine no friends and nothing to do. probably why I remember getting kicked in the shins for being sarcastic in the krogers. this led to half srength rum and cokes and losing at cribbage which is hell but fun hell. columbus ish ohio. rum brand might have been renaldi shitass name liable to make into a dimestore novel.

those might more likely lead to wine… but before this. they’re a tad pricey as simple meals go but lean cuisine frozen meals has a braised beef that comes with sweet potato mash which ordinarily I’m anti orange foods because they’re good for my eyes which means I must rebel… yet this mash goes with the braising sauce .. those so you dont miss the point are small steps I’ll take… to brekafast on my day off I shouldn’t take but I’m gonna. there is nothing that wont keep. til tomorrow save caring for myself..I’m allowed to eat I even like food yet I can get the malaise and wonder if I did it wrong and wait til it’s right. which is often why I’m wrong and go wrong. it’s fairly obvious in an instant I’m a bit backwards.

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