national secrets

I’m in need of a window in which mainly to copy and paste. I’m limited on time it isn’t like this is a national secret, this is just stuff i do to try to plan my month’s worth of stuff to do at work.
first, I’m looking up movies and hope to select a handful of reasonably old and new movies with a wider Jewish cultural influence. why, I have a growing jewish clientel.
te above is a few links into a top 100 list of films that can capture jewish cultural sentiment. but it’s all for naught if this next link doesn’t say something of it’s availability.

remember there is timing issues about ordering the last time it was delivered after I needed it. pissed me the bleep off.
β€œJews know two things: suffering and where to find great Chinese food.” – My favorite year.” 1982
in case you’re dying to see the topside of the list and know I haven’t anymore time to spare looking through this list and thus the last movie of any interesteddness to me is following
that is available that is πŸ˜€

so, the short of it is
kramer vs. kramer
a gentlemans agreement

why because good bad or indifferent such is what surely has touched people’s lives, relationship issues and a change in what always happened yes but became acceptable if not heroic beginning about when I hit ground that it wouldn’t ever be as it was like it even was but that’s a different point. and who knew that it wasn’t just the black’s getting it in the neck that anyone non0white was in for it? it’s worth it to be reminded just a little of what these folks saw in their childhood or early adulthood coming back from proud service. in many of my cases.n o matter their ethnicity.

of course, the rest of my list is now late and includes choose your own adventure books which may improve my participation in reading but I did that study up on a test victem last night picking a random book up and reading it with fervor aloud …4 am and my guest promptly wanted to steal it then put it down I stole it back and the switching off of pages read aloud became me reading 2 to…nods off how rude – to the line “he was sex walking” too DAMN. the book was Janet evanovich’s sizzling sixteen: a stephany plum novel. I will admit I am interested in keeping reading alive because literary even if one isn’t able to do it like a marathon all-nighter at the pages, still is important and even if we’ve small children unable to read we still want to keep alive the magic that is a good book, I wonder if I’d get eyebrows reading markowitz’ scene where it’s revealed who done it…. his first to my eyes that is. I know harrison t. dicke was a naughtily named sir.

well slug of soda stick of insulin and about my journey towards the meeting.

much of the rest of my activities are prescribed in that art isn’t art but demonstrated motor skills accessed and since my home spun cards flopped so far time for tempura again. I have another activities once soul over in the evening so I wish to kibbitz on that and how to make what is their level of skills not seem so much like patronizing macaroni art but the fun it’s meant to be. so many wish to suggest to me stuff that all the magic is done by me not them…if you aren’t aware of safety protocol, then thankfully you do not care for yourself or others which is left in a small degree in my hands… I like spending my paychecks and feeling important even if such is an illusion πŸ˜€

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “national secrets”

I’ll click on the linky links late late tonight when I have more time. I’m especially curious about the movie list! πŸ™‚
Hope your weekend is smooth sailing…or the seas part so you can walk with ease and dry feet! πŸ™‚
I heard about a man last week whose nickname is Little Dick. I guess he and his father were both Dicks, so he was little and his dad was big. Okay…I can see where this is going…so in a rare momemt I’m shutting up now. As Forrest Gump said, “That’s all I’m gonna’ say about that.” πŸ˜€
Whee-kend HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

lol, I got to hear of my sins on thursday. so the first thing i did on my penance of more paperwork? make two entry errors in a row-I put the boook down πŸ˜€ as it’s going to take 20 minutes to correct the two pages requiring rewritting/listing. lol. I was told I am far too advanced for my group and have a listing of complaints to prove this lol. obviously rum on friday night also adds to saturday not being as much of a thrill as it wasn’t going to be anyways so πŸ˜€ in typical fashion I failed to read my notes reminding me to be better and promptly started off in my new set of books not the choose your own adventure ones like I did do up…thrilling ending in that the chosen path led to a helping hand to an electicutions on the subway tracks in paris πŸ˜€ ;D I couldn’t help the sleepy jerks during the recital either as lunch sucked so I had just enough insulin to go low on the sugars to the sleepies too πŸ˜€ ahhh πŸ˜€ imagin the smile as I have one. I’m aware I good and well could have more of a laundry list of concerns complaints coming for and endless well of I’m sorry’s πŸ˜€ it turns out I’m in serious need of a jerry reed song…and as I like erry reed this is bliss. “when you’re hot you’re hot, when you’re not – You’re Not.” πŸ˜€ I sure as hel also hope no one bothers to investigate the russian chocoolate’s name on them it’s favorite alenka or my favorite helen of troy beauty… bound to also add to my list of broomable offenses. I may have to cue cat scratch fever by nugent to be aware of the serious cat housiness of my coming month if I don’t watch it πŸ˜€ oh and the point of all this all and I mean all of my efforts towards a better schedule and new material failed. I have a simpler schedule yet. so. πŸ˜€ here’s a smiled hug that isn’t yet plasti-fake I care but can laugh this opening round of calamity sounds horrendous but it might just be the reminder or push to better things too, nothing in my souls says I need overly cry about it πŸ˜€

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