what a wonderful day I had! I’m not being a bit sarcastic in that I’m happy/pleased/smug despite the day showing me I’m not really golden any longer. it is precisely because I’m NOT funny that I’m happy to be me and follow with …me-isms.

I was smoking in the boy’s room when this vision of some sitcom scene wherein child walks into mom jammin out to the headphones playing TLC’s “Red Light Special” for that perfect ackward moment of not wanting to contemplate a parent thinking sex. envision if you will, a happy gall swaying to the beat (mouths silently) “I’m gonna give you the” “red” (sways) “light” (sways) “spec-ial” (seated pelvic grinding circle)… Hi mom! … music?”

I managed to not have my schedule written out prior to work and today it counted and I got no quarter on that. I also got to hear how one family member constantly visits so it appears to boss only to visit me activities to complain to my boss about me….I’m too advanced for the bunch. or in short while sitting to the desk like a long ago student to the teacher during detention for some epic fail finished my schedule with an audience…didn’t get to finish my conversation overly so with the new incoming person’s family as I had a ride waiting. and in general left well aware I’m no longer golden to a quick shop for snacks to the effort of putting forth a friend to live in my currently half unoccupied home knowing it was a tough sell – only for my vetting roommates other business of the house soul to not even consider it for an instant and walk over to my house while they finished up and left to watch tv… the damnation of their application, they’re not married. the people I most of all don’t want are married… the house isn’t bachelorly any more it’s christian in the worst sense of the stereotype as in I mean devout… it’s no longer bachelor party green/420 friendly just show up without some drama or nasty record of criminality currently in progress with your rent money… now it’s devout. as I say, I am fully aware I’m not golden work or home.

to add to this, I have a rare enough visitor whom I like romantically speaking and the arrival is always aeftr last call at some liquor perveyor but who cares as I think it was martina mcbride who crooned :there nothing in the world so good as a happy girl” this of course meant I wouldn’t sleep much nor get my schedule written out like a good boy. I also wouldn’t get any. so as I say, I’m well aware and or it’s quite evident I’m no longer golden. so lets tick these off the fingers, not golden at work to the family’s, not golden at work with my supervisor for hopefully no longer than just a moment, not golden in vetting potential roommates to the new paradigm, not golden in the sack. it can go without saying that I’m not financially golden because I’m not touting a lottery win around in my pants…pocket.

but as I say with only a cuddle to get a light throttling, I’m happy. I didn’t lose my temper to here these words or concepts. I didn’t collect my check as no one did as they failed to be delivered today be this on time or slightly late…I mean they weren’t in at 4pm either which is when I departed…payday is technically friday and always has been but the convenient thing was to collect one’s check at the mandatory meeting as a bait to attend…total fail. I’m happy as I can’t move forward in growth while being a golden boy as effectively as I can having that push of oomph to make me either sink or swim it’s showtime! I’m happy enough to post you a CRAPPY parody.

let us just say this isn’t the original digital underground’s humpty hump song but/t an awful parody from Backroom Thunder Sound’s “Lumpy Lump”

alll night
start what you’re doin’
the fresh scent I’ll ruin
without image of the pile I’ve doo dooed
ya know, it’s country money see?
please let it whirl down steady for thee.
not rise up around
overflowiing aint the right sound
but go away silently to its underground
I ate up all the macoroni cheese on my shelf
and it’s pushed through all of myself
ain’t I something some kind of something
now gent’s please! a potty proud song for thee.
barbershop’s four let’s sing one down the bend
oh when toilet walls call…
time to drop lumpy lumpy
just smell the pride down the hall sure is something.
I abuse rhyme
and think I’m funny
no jumping, or I might leave behind something
picture this poetry upon a gum wrapper
disgusting as it is ridiculous
ooo a log from soup and a Whole box of crackers
tell me girls, hasn’t subject made you squimish?
there’s another word for that.
and I still think I’m funny.
just imagine the sound of my phone line busy.
I can chase all the girls from the room
talk about CHEEKs!
lowerin the thunder and boom.
this song up in a church restroom.
quite Crazy
the grace for this amazing.
and if it’s runny – that would change things.
let just say this parody’s also a rant.
do do the the dunny dance.
this dunny dance is my chance to drop some lump.
(drop the lump!…Drop the lumpy lump!)
(drop the lumpy lump. pray you don’t smell my lumpy lump.
all afternoon lunch was brewin.. til I drop this lumpy lump
dropping the lumpy lump. droppin the lumpy lump

Verse Two: would just be more about poo. so, Mercifully, I’m through.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “Evident.”

Glad you are happy. You are happy – correct? That was what I got out of it. Hmm… Golden boy? Interesting. So once again you are looking for roommates? That’s tough. I hope it works out. (I feel I missec something but my lunch is almost over) peace & smiles

I like the devout home idea as long as it’s not too extreme. It’s way better than criminality and lazy occupants. Hopefully it will be best of all when it comes to reliable roommates — pay rent ON TIME.

You have set boundaries. This is CEO material. If you are not Golden like the Sun, then you are indispensable like the MOON.

Nevertheless, you wrote a catchy parody about lump dumps from where the sun don’t shine. Did you just Moon us???!!!! 😛

I know there’s peer pressure but devout to me means one passes the line where it’s my free choice to live but time for those oh praise bes or um don’t you feel the warmth of your afterlife yet? also, if it hinders me from making my bills…um, not cool.
I’ve set boundaries? if I did you’d have to tell me 😀 I do have some like it’s largely inneffective me getting actually angry. as to getting a bit of a chewwing 😀 well I did deserve it….:) but again I just didn’t feel like mad was how to handle it. that however is luck 😉 more than it is a boundary 😀 I’ve worked hard to maybe get that luck.

no now moon of that luminosity for you 😀 you’ll have to annoy you baby somemore. although thanks. 😀 the chorus was instant but I had to try to keep it cohesive in a similar meter to the rest…it’s so much better if it rhymes directly. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t work the sex beauty angle better into the theme but oh well I knocked one out 😀

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