revised NUTS/a good dead christian

okay, I thought I made sense yet was bland about the news.  the news is nuts as in crazy is good for me.  coupling that with i am what I eat…lets talk about whats in the stuff….NUTS.  we all need things like zinc magnesium iron iodine…aka “minerals”  just the same way we don’t need arsenic aluminium, uranium.  But without key things, or conversally not being able to process certain things we lack.  manganese is not magnesium however it sure does sound familiar and it is found withing fruits salts and …NUTS.  so crazy as in nuts are useful to me.

of course so is something as oddly simple as not thinking about things…thus not stressing about them.  but proactively consuming crazy by the handful sure is a lot more ….fun.

I approach and likely on the 10th of October  or it’s also possible that it was the 21rst that in 2004f I was told I’m finally Diabetic.  I left with no blood sugar meter being told that would be checked next time in no new drugs, just bad news.  now diabetes runs in type one form on my maternal grandmother’s side and type two all over my father’s side as does alcohol misuse from both sides and cigarette misuse, craziness and here and there a lil genetic skip a generation blindness…a novel anuerism of the aorta in fifties got repaired for dad and zapped my aunt.  that amonst other thrills.    but here is some interesting things you might have noticed allllll along as maybe they were signs.  I can run.  being that I didn’t smoke well past 18 at 20 years old plus 3 month of mid march 1995… yet in summer of 1992 my blood pressure rose… the only thing I had prior to that was the then rage chromium piconilate  hey I was around 210 then and I wanted thinness which equates directly to sexiness so we’re told even if we all know it’s not necessarily true.  the other thrills were I live by rocky flat nuclear arsenal – producer of the big boom boom on the candle in the sky for our love….radiation even in low  low low amounts adds up over time one sign being lack of thyroid productions… it true that I was in a hell hole of radiactive poison?  probably not despite the patheticness of materials handling at this now gone place cleaned up and thus available for residential homes 😀 never a business distric it must be radiation waste land or garbage dump land for homes 😀    Iwill point out that by known indentification I have through father’s service in nam agent orange exposure and appear to those who “know” to be an agent orange baby in the classic sense.  I also know that a lifetime of noticing that when I get a lot of sun I’m tired…very exhausted tired… I don’t always get burnt but I was a fair haired sort of the overly reflective of the sun skin tones it took well into my teens to get a farmer tan .  now, I’ve had psoriasis since about 9 and used to have half inch nearly blond long eyelasheshes-but this big old morning goop since birth which doesn’t seem to be aided by sugar…which took car of those eyelashes as I didn’t  do as most would just wait with a shower or soaking to ease that to open my eyes without plucking my eyelashes out.  now vitamine d is a classic nothing fradical new concept in psoriasis otherwise it was coal tar and steroid cream and mineral oil too…vitamine d is supposedly from us in the sun and living in colorado I have a lot of sun sometimes more than sunny states…yet I lack vitamine d.  or maybe not being a big anything manganese consumer I might not have somehow had the keys to produce what I needed.  anyways none of my health indicators came when I smoked or drank.  I spent all of school pretty much sad as lack of thyroid hormane sure isn’t helpful but leads to that…and  does so by you being sad first thern finding the reason. 😉    now at x pounds which as a male I couldn’t lose either til diabetes… the bp rose long before caffeine and cigarettes as coffee turned my stomac a lot…now I like it but it doesn’t turn my stomach as often…fat- I did manage ONCE in life to get a cat-calling and or wolf whistle out of one person..that was the summer I ate my own cooking ….shhhhhh it. I cook better now…. but I did manage to get grease on the ceiling after trying to par boil then bread and fry chicken… lotsa f ups in process 😀   now again those are the signs, low d skin issues…eye goop all of life because we humans run on sugar- but there is something haywire in my metabolism I swear, depression from low thyroid and weight gain during puberty to really add flavor to one’s rest of life and self – image 😀 not being able to really run as in I’ll without food be spitting out  stringed spit it’s not  a pain barrier or lack of shape, I really do not do well with anarobic exercise …walk me all day but run me nowhere.    now I never could see well but there were times 2 hours a day at most never consistant either  that I could see 20/180 which means I could read most of the chalk board not all most and wow that helped me…but as usual service lines for blind are 20/200 and how can I “see” and be blind?  effectively I fought that issue with the doctor’s doctor of the area in eye careand opinion because frankly the line is blurry to haha about it but I am and I mean effectively all through school was and am blind.  now this means curiously I sit close to watch tv and always have a speaker next to the tv for everyone else’s volume in the back row…. so did I mention stone deafness runs in the familh and it shouldn’t be any surprise that I have hearing loss by 20 from general loud living?   now  all of this said/…. segway time

craziness is blaming cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption on my health issues well in progress prior to nasty diagnosises.  I thus wasn’t ever told that the same enzyme indicating drink consumption as a medication problem of tolerance got me more looks and wagged expressions from doctors/health professionals because I said I had a drink my numbers showed it was more like a case every day….nope still haven’t ever managed that.    this irked me, sure  cigarettes don’t help either but amphetamines and adhd mean to be together so my thoughts don’t read like this… 😉  but we all know smoking is just supposed to be cool and of all things not cool nowadays…. sheeesh.

social pressure is odd for me as I grew up jehovah’s witness whereby I automatically am “no part of this world” as like any eye’crossed christian I smile in the bliss of jesus peddling the word and him to the world just to make sure hermit or not the only time you’d see me is not pledging allegiance which really does go over like a fart in churchf eveb wgeb U dudb;t grow up all pro troops because nam was not popular.  took til the gulf war to make war and soldiering a thrill again.   now again social pressure, I didn’t like DARE which sought to keep kids off drugs and  do so in my town by taking that government money sexy like to say don’t drink and drug kiddos but thus use positive peer pressure to do so… I smelled that fish in sixth grade and said I have about enough problems being socially remote that the last thing I want to be is a negative voice in other’s decisions atop peddling jesus in a church where I’m seperate from the world but also them as in I never had friend’s my age church or not… my lass following me through school passed me my only note saying not I love yous but you’re a shithead…figures. glad to be informed 😀

now you’ve just toured my kind of crazy and a lot of indicators of what I have and when I got it and such the run on sentence or thought potential.  I thus know about the difference of sunshine causing natural d to be made and nothing but our own natural stuffs is ever less than effective or was it the not thinking about health paradoxically improving it or the peanuts… you know, I don’t know.  I don’t think in a logical pattern and grew up that way…not picking on the jw’s which for all their faults they did give me the best education in public speaking upon touchy matters and what to expect for a reaction…yet to soldier on through it as I “believe”  I believed all right about not being in that faith and yet mom didn’t think that was allowed til she quit so 14-17 was rather rough having to be out in church on many fronts… good thing though because modern diabetes drugs are made from blood extracted factors  to produce insulin artificially which to my simple logic is taking blood a real no no to being a jw.  I would be dead 8 years ago without the insulin without exception.  as I extered hospital at 478mg/dL having lost 30 pounds and was sleeping 16 hours a day for 3 weeks straight….it took 24 hours of staight insulin to correct that. which was a different nap ;l) but call me nuts as I would rather be here and all kinds of not everyone’s notion of cool or acceptable than a good dead chritian.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “revised NUTS/a good dead christian”

Hahaha. This is funny. I write my post on quiet then come over here to see what you’ve been up to, and I find you wrote about deafness because of the loudness. We are like on some kind of parallel opposite plane.

😉 all that beep beep beep at work sure hasn’t helped , nor has a good set of headphones and the desperate need to connect with a tune. 😀 I did up the best i could manage food wise and lol what a surprise my hands have rusted… you know that it’s not a hard thing to time foods. and interestingly too hot a temp will char only which is close to what I got…charred medium rare steak that were not well marbled so much as well griscled. 😀 and the greens fresh from the garden? wash wash reb rub wash dry and talk about sandy! and yet the baked potato was boiled near through tender then wrapped and inserted into a hot oven for over an hour and while I normally don’t do that boil first proceedure it is very irish…funny I’d feel a bit like remembering irish lately…well it was perfect to normal folk done even the skin disappeared lots of butter flavored spread and sour cream mmm… but it wasn’t crisped. I’m not used to that which signifies the whole problem with dinner anyways. I’m finally out of practice again cooking boo. my dconnection isn’t the same or as I put it … this or that kitchen god is mad at me again 😀 was it edible all? yeah. taste good if not texturally perfect? yeah. should I do all of this holler? YES because I swear it’s magic if I’m in the zone cooking wise otherwise life’s just ordinary. but I do admit and am laughing to myself that I believe such is true and have an overly negative approach which often is worse in the end.

You always make me laugh and I appreciate that! And I appreciate you! 🙂
Even when life is tough or not-so-good, you always find something to smile about! 🙂
I’m with you…”I would rather be here and all kinds of not everyone’s notion of cool or acceptable than a good dead Christian!” Amen! 🙂
I’m so glad you are here! 🙂
I think of you often, J-Man, and pray for you…send healing thoughts and best wishes your way! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…I wrote you a comment to your comment on my python post! 😀

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