steampunk cpr.

sand castle.

I still can’t believe it’s not 30’s architecture.

WATCH out quartz has a new use that isn’t so electronic.

am I in space or….

am I a touch stuck into historical fantantasy?

nah, ceramic coating or that of sand is a real thing

taking this history into  maybe a new age

powered by french fries…  😀

MAYBE looking less hearse-like and maybe purdy.

I do spend some time every day idling up trivia and or just being trivial.  this does lead to knowing a touch more things to oddly associate with the next thing.  that said, lets us think of the very weight of a puffy cloud…something of a whisper to touch us who have touched enough of them in the hills or the whallop that a cloud can deliver be it shockingly or swirlingly and just the normal rain coming our way by the deluges way.  think to of a sand castle perhaps made on some beach some where.  now lets get like technical.

sand which many ores must be crushed down to so as to process them into metals.  it’s not a large leap of linguistics.

clouds are water duh but a vapor just as steam is  of course steam to a large temperature is invisible to us unless condesing yet somehow we can still imagine steam as a puffy cloud.

now space science is fun in that it gives us neat things with less lofty applications than a trip to the moon but more like a nip across town to see his or her “moon”   but it is rather neat that we don’t make the same things …well yes we do…just a different way.  we all know nothing is really new under the sun so proverbs go be you biblical or not.  we still like going places and how to get there is either the easy way or the hard way and no one likes the hard way in droves that is.  so,

imagine how heat and noise are reduced from damagin levels some so as to save us expense.  such is what is seen in coating technology and it isn’t that difficult to filter cooking oil so as to burn such as a fuel it really is not just to crisp up some potatoes for us.  is it possible for you to conceive of a moment where we can admit it’s possible but also that it’s rather expensive to get a

 silly but possible for your steampunk zombie appocalypse.


see also

cyclone engine … steam

dcf -400 oil strainer for a way to remind those of you ex wendy’s employees of cleaning the fry grease which is the same as woo hoo free fuel or at least cheap.

if you’d like to know about bio diesle


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “steampunk cpr.”

I wish I got closer to what I had in mind as the reason or inspiration of this which was turning glycering to use as it may be a low yield fuel, but low doesn’t mean none and glycerine and clycerol are useful in diabetic friendly foods as well as with acids and diatomaecious eearth…the stuff they paint on the you strike em match books, for making glycerine into dynamite and thus I was moving from calicium phosphate which is part of the phosphoruous in fertilizer but now reading velveeta boxes seems to be the anti seperator for easy cheese… since sodium is killing people off 😀 but instead I lost my theme by the time I got here to this and it didn’t ring as much fun to know that with effort the steam car in zombie appollypses dreams would be possible.. I was actually more interested in the glycerine as it’s considered a waste product like gasoline was til voila it was the reason our life is what it is. so 😉 just remember my duds might be left so I cxan remind myself of the best dreams of the day 😀 a river of syrupy water of which runneth my electrical meter backwards on waste fuel safe to store and of little other use… the other thing for glycerine’s use is the soap bubles kddies blow 😉 it’s a principle ingredient.

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