I was noticing my sugar was 136 mg/dL which is about at the highest point it’s to be after food intake.  I haven’t taken insulin very often this month.  I did eat a pound of peanuts no salt roasted….aparently the more I just not do things with any direct reason for them I seem to be winning good luck. 

I celebrated the above with a bag of pistachios. 😀

the trying of new things to me went a little off the rails lol as lol that’s a bit much and I kid you not I’ve an acid reducer and I mean uric acid not stomach acid and it was all storts of sore stiff joints for me today… oh and yeah, it didn’t work well enjoying all that fine food and beverages. 

I’m noticing a lot of luck coming my way lately and its nice but I’m I guess in opposites mode I am not seeking people and thus lol so here they come 🙂  that and the nuts makes this time nuts.  improving health thank you peanuts…it might not be all that surprising that peanuts contain manganese not magnesium manganese pinkish salt and this led to a weird one


one sedative similar to what st johns wort produces  is in lotus root, and of all things green beans… I have always loved green beans.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “nuts”

That sugar reading is very good for you. I bet happiness/contentedness has something to do with it. Plus, it compounds. Good levels lead to happiness/happiness maintains good levels. *shrug* Whatever it is, keep up the good work.

paradoxically I do less to gain more. Ican’t say I eat overall any better just try to actually eat :), cant say I don’t consume “fire” I mean outside of the hope it’s peanuts I’m not “working” / which pardoxicallly might be why I am?

there’s just something in knowing you that says you’ve at least thought almond lent itself nicely in sounds to all men. 🙂 hint hugs back….even if there’s a pillow coming my way 🙂

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