I got a tolerable dark coffee. I e it got a half centimeter ring not a hairline… It’s blueberry tea with coffee…thus a dash acidic. With nice berry aromas.

Lately I got a problem making Satan’s liquid onyx coffee…I can’t.

I title this one “Burnt”. As coffee beans are roasted so is some tissane ingredients (chicory). Are roasted. Sugar is outright turned into soot for soda color. Much of our liquors aren’t aged like we imagine in old time barrels anymore…but barrel chipped up and steel tanks…with that caramel….sugar…burnt sugar… Color. I smoke the cigarettes too so I also enjoy….if you will… Burning things…often…how stinky of me!

Malts as in sprouted grains are roasted. Burnt.

I’m thinking on my burnt bits for pot liquor on my hoped for ribs this memorial day weekend. Pot…water…par… or not quite completely to plated cooked boiled ribs. Beef broth mainly to have “salt” negro Modelo beer… because I have boiled my ribs then grilled them with the beer and drank a few for ingredients quality checking of course… And I’ve also tried the guineas stout and guineas with more coffee which I enjoyed far less success with.

Internet by votes sayeth. A: you do NOT have to par boil ribs for great fall off the bone tender ribs. B: those who choose parboiling tend to simmer theirs 15-20 minutes in salted water for BABY BACK (pork) ribs – oh boy howdy if you ever ever get to, Steamboat Springs Coloradois in the near area of one helll of a great meat source, middlepark meat packing co. of Kremling Colorado and I have never ever ever had a better rack of ribs period. But I’m cooking beef back ribs. Best I can see is 45 minutes gets enough of the collagen softening to finish on a grill. As I like any dumbass in charge control the recipe and none of us but the rogues dare make anything with stripped down few igredients…most of us try our own witch’s brew…of magic of only us…often getting only a few votes yay for only us as weird isn’t appreciated… Well, Worcestershire sauce, beer, broth and my weird, red pepper dressing. Red pepper with beer offers the sweets with a bit of vegetable or malt/Tang to take away the salty boring of a broth. No, the oil in the dressing isn’t required but the vinegar there with a boil will …lol… Gently! Further tenderize/marinate the stuff… Laugh as that’s so dilute in a gallon of boiling liquid hahaha but it will… Bet me…. Or be aware of the lies! About magic ingredients right now. Beer is good but 7 beers for the pot isn’t the 12 coming and those leftover are my yay…beer!…broth so it’s not all gross boiled watered down and the salt that’s in broth!!! I needn’t worry over adding much. Worcestershire sauce because I don’t feel like finding kitchen bouquet, a gravy browning sauce with turnip. To magic so weird no one will eat and even if it’s good that doesn’t take away the weird… But never forget turnips way add fragrances…mmm. Turnips the taste alone? Nope. But that’s the idea with that usual hopefully half in the bag face tasting my weird witch waters before the beauties bubble about in it. The excitement of hope.


Just right like a dark esb like Negra Modelo which is joy…and the cooks won’t complain it’s Negra Modelo but most cook talk beer nowadays is Wisconsin stuff. But I like ambers too I so remember 1992 or just before it enjoying a pre-national production of Killian’s Irish red….ahhhhh. Heaven. Stuff is watery now. ;). We covered guineas and no I’m not Hunt ng Murphy’s down this time just to be brand specific that way. I’ve only a place carrying typical commercial big company beers to collect from this time about. How to be different with the very same shit you get!! Bahaha. (Red pepper dressing) catching on? What b s recipe generation is. But such fun.

What are your burnts?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Burnt”

I like caffe americano 🙂
I make regular black coffe and than add water to it 🙂
I used to dring white coffee – instant at the beginning, later cappuccino 🙂
But I’m no artistic cook 😉
Have a good day!

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