Edit: Sugar Magic, Well, Sorta…

Just as honey is of bees and while it will dehydrate, it doesn’t spoil.

Yet in the process, there is? Wax 3 honeys is 1 wax. Just as three sugars makes 1 honey. But house of wax is the next association.

But today’s wonderment is sugar magic. Now adding sugar”” to wax makes it crackle kinda like a fire should. – sungel fuel for those indoor non vented fireplace “candles”.

Sugar magic continues with again, stuff I do not know…just wonder at… Not just crackles or acid bubbles and soot (sulphuric acid in sugar bursts sugar into bubbling soot water)

I feel stupid and contagious… Nirvana. Lest you wonder the joys also floating about my flickers… Yes, in the midst of brainbox stuff, inadequacy…heh. But to continue,. Yes dig the sugar spoon in for that sweetness! Light from sugar.

Two enzymes get biochemming up light.
It’s the same thing despite colors – fireflies and shrooms.



The notation info seems to be
(Luciferin, plus ATP plus O2
The light emitting enzyme plus a bio-fuel – atp adenosine tri phosphate and oxygen gas.

Seems to convert to luciferase with mg magnesium into

Oxy-luciferin PPi pyroPHOSPHORIC ACID, AMP adenosine mono phosphate CO2 or carbon dioxide gas.

This is not entire gibberish as I’m dimly aware of a sugar cycle. Or the not so simple way organisms burn sugars. Which is not gas, air, spark…vroom.)

Still moaning for sympathy. Knee’s sore as I incurred a splat on the way home yesterday. The second bag of ice is melting on this moaning. It helps. Of course, it doesn’t make it go all the way away …just less owie…less swelling…then you move. Moan. Cuss!

Still works ng on melting ice….

Yayyyy. Comfy sorta spot!.

As I’m trying to point out, my concentration is toasty…. I have to move to supper and icing.

Pork Adobada

Pork roast
Chili (ground; mild)
Garlic (fresh)

Boil apart after browning off. Refresh chili every so often as one checks roast stays under water.. this is going to be a few hours.

Icing is a face plant into wall and sidewalk as it was too much to walk 15 minutes slow to bus via grocery… As I can’t remember the toe hold up, I had to have fainted.


Herein, it’s Fernandez brand chili rojo. A definitive brand and product to ask after. Or precisely the very same pork and fundamental main spice for that awesome! Pork chili Colorado 4ado, rojo apparently Spanish alters with whose talking in which time… Rojo is red. Colorado is well known for red rocks. Here’s an example

Between ft Collins via Livermore Colorado to Laramie Wyoming was a some fog and my long ago Greyhound boundind for me to Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington. This fog which I didn’t photo, is my vision of the magic of Scotland UK to which I haven’t been. It’s purdy

Red rocks ampitheater
Best show ever and one I was dying to see was Rodrigo y Gabriela, here is some guitar duo dynamite.

(Metallica cover, Orion)

Now, dinner
Simple warm soft tacos with classic American not Mexican garnishment. As predicted, it’s gone. But oi to get them to their plates.

(The final step is shredding/pulling pork then with aeasured as sodium intake counts – reheated from fridge or freezer with that sauce you boiled it in, refry warm if not grilled like flattops breakfast potato…your filling and immediately serve.)

Pickled carrot, onion n, jalepenos is a slightly more authentic even in Mexico method of garnish not a cheap 60’s American salad!!! But be fair to yourself or me myself, this is how I learned Mexican food so I’ll forever taco bell mine or drown it in green chili Verde… Like the Colorado I came to know.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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