Still no big cookery.

So you get math!

Poooooor you.


I did make a spaghetti it was the veg kind simple dimple. But rope thick spaghetti of real stuff not ronzoni ruins dinner.  I do not care for faked flour noodles.  I e I am not a fan of corn zucchini yuckitini shaped slop.  You can’t say I love only wheat flour noodle as I do like mung bean jelly clear noodle I like rice noodles…  I’m just not big on everything.  I deplore spaghetti squash.


Math was threatened.


134.6 million square miles is the ocean surfaces combined.

Oceans absorb heat.  Water vapor absorbs heat.  Between 0.5 Watts and 1.0 Watts per square meter heat.

Heat is tricky as it must radiate away but the more material between it and radiation away is gonna stall that.

Heat exchanged can move heat here or there.  Removing some material via being closer to space also can help.


Silly ridiculous fannnntastic lunacy now and math… Sayeth.

Where do we need less radiating back heat?  Deserts.  Sahara is a desert and shading it could being it being back a Forest…

It’s x kilometers square ocean area.  ✓134.6 square root times roughly 1.6 kilometers to miles.

This times .75 watts a square meter.

Converting to btu’s is that result of energy absorbed by 3.41.  a shitty 10*12 room cooled a/c unit puts out 5000 btu’s cooling power.

Dividing 5000 into total absorbed energy or for simplicity and man’s true limits power make that one tenth the total ocean absorbed energy and a change seems possible although fantastic and futuristic but possible.


Sr 134600000 11601…

11600 x 1.6  18560

Rounding convenience

18560 * 18560 (250 million ish)

X 3.41 (889 million ish)

One tenth (88.9 million )

88.9 million  / 5000 (17, 780)

The capacity of a/c is heat exchanger but taking not air but ocean heat from and later concentrating this to make a fat cloud.


Geography says there’s jet streams to consider as there is where warm waters are.

About Morocco in the Atlantic is that one warm current convergence with a Jetstream point.

Now that heat is combined to superheated steam so as to make this fat cloud rise into the heavens so to speak… stratosphere. Above normal weather. Far less material to block heat radiating away into space plus shading more heat getting to surface needing to radiate.


Drawback is you risk absorbing more sunshine heat that doesn’t necessarily radiate away…water is a “greenhouse” effective “gas”. As it doesn’t just dissapate as rain.

But 4% water vapor is about saturation of air holding water vapor.  7.48 gallons is a square foot of water. 8.3 pounds per gallon allows gallons water if one wants to know how fat the clound which is oh 250 square feet by 55000 ft high… A little cloud island. Heh. That volume multiplied by 7.48 and result reduced 96% gives gallons water. How hot can heat exchanger manage and how much extra heat to super heat steam then how hot how high can it go issues exist here.


Can this cloud made be seeded to rain away?  If not, can it go away?  If not one has worsened the problem not improved it.


But 17780 ac power cooling the point where USA’s hurricanes come from isn’t all that dumb.  Nor is fostering Sahara to become it’s original Forrest becoming mega food and Africa wealth ain’t dumb. Nor is fostering more food in our ocean.

Sahara is “sand” not soil so betonite clay at 10%per a depth requiring holding x weight for instance a wet weight Jeep or landrover is 4inches minimum a fully loaded semi tractor trailer 12inches both far more than trees and grasses.  Clay isn’t soil but support… So veggies matters must be rotted in.

But a cloud that shades as in too hot burns away and water which without nothing grows…. And weight bearing areas and infrastructure possible…roads… And over time grass first to forest later there’s timber to Tucker….food.  money and survival… Plunder.  For “free”   in temperature that’s tolerable.

Too much hope of climate alterations can lead to an ice age as colder means slower but cools the earth and not right away do clouds sink and rain it out restoring balance.  But restore the green and Sahara doesn’t elevate our heat index.. chill the ocean and extra joyous hurricanes lessen.  And elevate food growth within it.

Oh and if the middle East gets lippy…park a fat cloud over them.  Cool the thinks inappropriate name of groups and cools them off.


She’s a cloud🎶

That hangs above my world

And I find myself walking in the rain….

Gino vanelli – living inside myself.


References are a tad hard to place not because I didn’t look this up, but because this is a topical thought.  Atop that, Saharan terraforming just as extra high clouds do not necessarily drop heat index… I don’t know every mechanism…thus this can be more easily done scholarly-like when someone cares to. Bentonite clay is alll over Colorado and Wyoming misbehaving in our structural supporting Earth’s.  Big cheap work to move ten percent of an area a little area restablized reclaimed…or thirty years work to grow back a Forest in growth high and old enough to harvest.  Shipped from Texan points to Africa yada… None is impossible just is it going to do good or bad?

I do get bored.













By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Still no big cookery.”

I read the real problem with pasta is serving size. I do like pasta. I have never tried the various types of veggie noodles, etc. I like whole wheat. I used to buy the type with a bit more protein in it so recently I purchased a box of that again. This is a boring comment! Sorry! And you lost me with the math and science. I’m too sleepy for class right now ;-).
Take good care! peace & smiles

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