In dreams

Ahh hearing Roy Orbison croon “in dreams” but this is cross-linking between sites.


I needed a copy pad to leave a comment to the ex hope of long ago to delight in the silliness of ‘our’ times now.

Otherwise you’ll see how much is tied up up in going from know-nothing to making money gold fever action! Gold panning.  Oh boy I’m ‘digging’ this fresh green zeal of trickling water and nature  fullest beauty of scenes as if they were perfume.

. Making nothing as I run right out of energy mid step with 1/3 of a mile to the bus or ride home…having made zilch.  Zilch.  Weeks in a row.  Hahahaha.  High hopes indeed.  I must be Rocky mountain high Colorado (John Denver)


I can’t cook like my former self either. I mean egads making oily gross comparing my old self attitude versus now I won’t eat otherwise and I’m largely one handed grateful anything comes but more so that I’m a few layers down cooking what others want in food…shit! Have I been a snob.


Anyways. Dreamtimestarmanjones came about to save the even older last xanga version me, starmanjones, as I’d just been informed I was done with my then hopes purdy pal.  Ahhhhh the ocean that is emotions those times. And me a zillion years ago….

This given post is a year in over two years required volunteering in order to get a job! I began calling bingo.  I for a day was department director.  I’m going to get the notice the new landlord is upping rents 1/3 as my roommate soon must lose both income and health and return to his family in Ireland….  I’d go from here through a train of new romance cyanide later or in advance?

But that’s then and this is gold panning mostly but still cooking and hoping.  And 😉 the one oh one of promotion… Showing I exist.  Cross-linking.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “In dreams”

I’m behind… Panning for gold? It seems I remember that Xanga post but apparently I didn’t comment (oh Xanga – I miss you so – Xanga.1 that is). I hope something works out roommate wise. Thinking of you. Take care of yourself! peace & smiles

Hugs ma’am. Yes the hot idea to try after more dough is gold panning so far not flake one. It’s okay as it’s a peaceful outting. Ahhh xanga. As for the roommate thing I think that’s 2012 news if so then poor guy is a memory from before cancer sucks. But bummer as it sounds none of us is here forever and I enjoyed the time I got. Hugs

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