110 / 16 = 6.875 6 sloppy 7 skimpy teaspoon per pint brewed tea.


52oz divided by 16 oz is 3 1/4

3.25 * 6.875 = um duh…
22.34 is in easy terms ~22 teaspoons and 1/3 of one teaspoon more Wich?
Is 2 calories across the numbers 110 calories per serving if you want to do the math of why precise? Wing it …
If you’re smarter than your fifth grader…. Shh if you are not ;). This 22 teaspoon is taplespoon 4 teaspoons is a table spoon as 22 dips takes too long… 5.5. 22/4 now. You probably should feed your little smart ass. As 4 tablespoons is also 1/4 cup so you need 1/4 cup cup plus one not leveled hunk of marmalade per 52 oz water brewed tea.

Why? Because I’m mean on Saturday mornings to mention school schtuff.

If your eyeballing that’s 1/4 cup is 2 oz as we silly Americans still empiracle measure. Jams i see is


10oz. Jar that. Or 1/5th jar at 4.49 2 bucks there abouts this tea and jam weirdo day…

284/ 16 is … At your leisure as pennies are your perogative. And 35 cents a week is wow it costs more at retail to make twelve sweetened drinks by around a dollar than it does to buy buy them!. Again your perogative to believe me or fact check how bullshit I am. But there are bulk buys and such to save one money and beat the major players at home if one married the cheap queen.

Bulk bitchin’ woot!

I’m thinking pineapple jellied green tea. Because there’s one that ain’t buy easy!


As you see, I’m to target stores as this became green tea with pineapple/mango. And why craftier cheapo wives can save a lot simply being more frugal
2.99 /5 is 60 cents
4.49 /5 is ~90 cents
1.79 for great strawberry black tea jelly jump abouts is ~36 cents none are bulk jars so a frugal soul can pay 66% less than a non frugal person easily. Thus 60 cents/3 the rough drink amount per bottle some for the chef
Is 20 cents sugar plus time usually part of life given but free. Tea ain’t free but

100.tea bags at 5.5 oz servings brewed is 550 oz / 52 oz jars is 10 plus and I’m not of a cauldron to brew 550 oz which is 550/128 or around 4 and some nearly five gallons.
Market pantry 100 teabags x 1.99) 2 cents per 5.5 oz 3 bags per 16 be oz bottle 3 let’s round to a nickle and day is a quarter to 30 cents a bottle inexpensive booger cheap or 60 cents for homemade fancy 75 cents if considering bottle costs and business venture where buying in bulk and such make that unit price better shipping world or locally wide as whatever paid is 2 hands doubling prices to business or about everyone prices twice of cost ish so depending on how grand the idea 😉 there you go. 5 a bottle isn’t flying 75 cents times double double nor is 3 so 32 cents or 12 sixteen oz bottles between 5/6 a case full retail is a limiter if one catiously evaluates supply and exporatives. But free play is there. We’ve choices. But if it’s edissoned out a value in advance, this is that game.
There’s limits on how daring we’re allowed to be. ;). If you think so.

Does you head hurt? Do you almost want to slap this moron for matching on a Saturday morning? Smiles very assininely. Good morning.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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