Morning Forming x update

I got singular cavity egg poacher cups 3.  This was to make formed eggs to breakfast sandwich egg / cheese English muffins.  Later turkey bacon cheeses.

First go is they weren’t fully cooked eggs but soft boiled.  I’ll see if my formings was flung or feast.


Firsts suck.

But I have tried that now to munch yummy versus buy trash I can’t control sodium intake within….store stuff.

I got myeds ordered a late flop start on meds intake schedule but it’s done.  (Home health visit saw I didn’t stiNK overly nor fail B P. EANS IM BATHED AND TAKING MEDICATION–post surgeries for dialysis access now and later further are checked and changed thus I’m in order with a thousand and one follow ups. No shower til mid August hence the home health care making sure I attend myself meds and wound care.)

Result opinion was breakfast was:

If to that doness top with additional underdonness, Hollandaise sauce.

I had more energy towards lunch.

– – –


Because being happy enough and better off is the point.  Despite the Martha Stewart meets Rembrandt ideal we associate with first and the impending doom of them going well.

I have a different few lines on the grocery list now because I need cheeses.

It’s about a five minute enterprise without breakfast meats to make which is one nicety.  Controlled intake breakfast sandwich in this case wholely vegetarian… I can’t do pork so I’m covered. The house other is vegetarian maybe fish. He’s covered and the omnivore is gonna want the meats but that’s dealable with turkey sausage pastrami maybe or turkey bacon  which I investigate next how to nuke all these things so you feel like you’re cooking yes in a microwave! Because one in the house can’t effective use the stovetop/oven well.  Believe it or not much of me functions on can dos in the why can’t you if tools and techniques exist trailered to your ability?  Yes I work on a share vibe not I’m better than you… I mean duh even I might be mildly impressive.  It’s just not the Woody I want of oo lookie me

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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