Pov pots


As you can see, this is a disability access toilet. I went adventuring and to sell it? It has to include transportation first many potties second and now that one is bored talking about unfun things like logistics what were you interested in!? Having proof of someone similarly of motions to be filmed doing things is far better proof. But 😉 one does what one can!

Transport for me was 1.10 with discount card (6 bucks and a half day showing legal proof and waiting for card at a bus depot. — for some this is scary due to tipping concern in a bus a ride in an equipped van preferred ;). Not always available obviously.

This is a bus and an array of short walks

Just before northshore Park or vinoy Park is this northshore dog park

Then the view with the park not dog park but park park but turning right toward pier und construction or towards 5th Avenue from this at 7th aben from

Northeast tavern st Pete. Craft beer with date worthy scallops & prosciutto or what I did which was have my slice of pizza delivered from
Northeast pizzeria

2topping slice (4.50 cash only usd tipping kindly)
Draft craft beer 6.42 in plastic or six cash they do! Take cards at the tavern – tipping also appreciated us style of 3-5 per person if you need an overpriced guideline — cheaper with a savvy local or during high volume business so one is assured other chances for waitstaff to grub grub)

I lost a water fountain passing 3 all of which worked

I finally got a crap picture of a recombinant bike going by but not the recombinant tandem I saw super thigh .!.

If one turns to walk towards ninety avenue one will hit the pool then the palm tree arboretum which I did not as I can not see two blocks – this is illustrated in the light with fifth avenue sign I enlarged could not read later here shown

That same fifth avenue light is a restaurant where some high brow wine and appetizer were the order of a memory. If I can’t read a sign across an intersection understand I’m right there! But you’re adding double the distance to a business sign… now do you catch on how frustrating it is that I have to have picture directions alternates etc to get rides places? Or why it really does take forever to be ‘home’ as in give directions?/ideas?

Potty pov! It’s so hard to get anywhere when logistically it’s more challenging so potty pov means do I know every clean potty anywhere scrupulously guarded from bums use so potty frightened can go in peace?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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I was that instant fussing over a failure to assemble the iPhone 😁. I still haven’t bought a different phone. It felt so weird consigning 19 months to history. I mean I lost maybe 2 numbers relevant. Hug. Yes a happy hug courtesy of xexpress me

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