Some people read the newsletter. Today for 75 clams likely there was a food truck at the complex.

(Facebook with a menu)

Drinks are rounded off fast food at $2 which is one of the complaints in a review? Weird.

It’d be toothy if it were a. An but the iced 16 oz disposable cup (I got lemonade) with proper ice serves less. 12oz over ice is 15-18oz often if I remember that see it for myself experiment… thus, I guess they could get ahold of taller smaller glasses to appear to offer more… but actually not do so…. heh

I got a tub of bacon cheese fries. Now this is precisely the same cost as a burger. But oddly I know I know it’s just I’m sick of having to buy two portions food! So I admit here and now I get the fully gardened junior burgers or split the honkers anymore. Of course I spend a lot of time solo so sharing a dinner and a healthier array of choices is but a dream. I admit I remember my aunt started that up eons ago and at first sight it’s so foreign. And then of course I ate more so it didn’t work sharing ;). But later I eat less and now it does and quite frankly it allows for naughty appetizers in case you dine with a bigger eater and you must fudge the quantity.

I don’t know about you. I dream powerfully also of green chili cheese fries. No one makes green chili around here. The green sauce is canned green sauce no buts and of course not even a whisper of heat. That was a fun try but rats. I guess you can tell I’ve lived elsewhere and this isn’t that town.!.

But if you read this all the way through you’ll see why I can see some snob on specifics and looks and everyone has their ideas of value which at 7 to 8 dollars for burgers is only 2 more expensive than burger king premium meal cost or etc fast food…. it’s pretty good value for a small business. Next as to taste it’s tastey far better than the bowling alley’s cheese fries! This one uses spicier cheese whiz. I saw how the offers are specific to how much per head needs be generated but that notion spoils it for cost cutters who might adore a four to five dollar basket of fries versus the 10 dollar meal and feel they got more of a value. But that’s a decent priced menu overall.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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