Miscellaneous if not etc.

that year ‘fore my eyes

grabbing at straw illusions

acceptance realized

i just watched an animation on a torque converter a part critical to automatics I believe but yada, I had always thought they worked the opposite mechanical way of converting torque to speed rather than speed to torque.


I enjoyed an extra history on youtube of mary seacole- a Jamaican whom offered aid and comfort to soldiers in the Crimean war but unlike the mainstream prized folk, did so at her cost and resources and largely unsupported.  It should not even for a second skip notice why- black of heritage (mixed heritage) and a woman? Ooo start tossing up social roadblocks!  What was curious was that while celebrated rightfully by those who cared even as she faced bankruptcy to toss out a collection, she was forgotten instantly in areas of legacies as no one championed on in her steps or kept alive her memory even.


The other extra history was on Julie d’aubney of Louis 14ths era covering a way politics works this firebrand was bisexual openly in life.  Open.  Think now.  That’s not a story of known different.  This is open in an era where the concept was burned at the stake religious suppression! And no not her fate although robbing her girlfriend from the convent was a great way to earn the ire of that areas law.


As you can see, it’s misce souls and or etc notions mine.  True value is? And support is for why?  It’s just a reminder to be clears great things come either supported or not.  It’s largely unfair why.    Why do I focus that mention?  Because.  It’s worth knowing not that it could happen but has already.

Doble was steam now schoelle  double to The Who who’s then and cyclone engines trying to bring alive the burn anything multi fuel advantages of that long ago!  Steam curiously doesn’t need transmissions.  And steam  steamy if you catch the names and such above?  Well


keep it hot…




By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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