Lentil again

Yes I did it! But now the again!

The lentils?

oi talk about simple gone toss in a kitchen sink! Recipe


1 lbs lentils (454g)

1 lbs carrots

1 super mega large yellow onion

a double tub of white mushrooms (1/2pound likely)

1 5oz jar tiger sauce (atamarind with chili pepper sauce)

1makes 48 oz orange juice concentrate can

1/8 c soy sauce

i had no room for the lentils so had to stock the liquid then toss the used bits to have room for the lentil! Eek!


corn tortillas

one can green chili enchilada sauce

2 8oz bags jalapeño jack &  cheddar cheese mix

1 24 oz tub sour cream

1 package Lipton onion/mushroom soup secrets(vegetarian as in no animal in this)

i chose not to roll the enchiladas as I’m lazy sue me-  but not from previous try and that I can’t see that it’s not helpful  in later presentation nor speed.


so I layered tortillas like lasagna and layered tortillas lentils cheese the boiled mushrooms tortillas lentils cheese tortillas green sauce and later more cheese.  This helped gently keep it all together 350f 1:10 minutes or 70 minutes


it took 12-5 to produce the lentils

lentils in at 1:30



By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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High in dietary fiber iron vitamin c!page=product&id=FEDEB846-E110-11DF-A102-FEFD45A4D471
(6g serving in 140g bottle)


Divide by 8
(Too fogged to assemble the maths and deficient a beer so- if you’re bored… 😉 math it up! I want totals: calories, carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin c (but keep in mind I boiled this a lonnnnnnnng time so um,that’s going to go down, vitamin a and b’s too. Iron and calcium nutrients. Thus while you can tally fats they’re not significant as in added excepting the cheese ) It’s medium salt and retardedly carb rich

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