Fads-your-diets! (Fabulous!)

This is my notes. Notes! Yes! I actually don’t have all the answers!

I am just going to warn you the following is Long! It will contain incomplete data and other remembered factors which just as likely as they could be true are? Also just as likely ‘red herrings.’

A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences towards a false conclusion. Wikipedia

Additionally, it is somewhat impossible to be private and yet ask a specific questions – rhetorical or otherwise- so you’re going have to accept ‘TMI’ too much Information.

Now I investigate a ketogenic diet after having read on aarp it could reverse kidney failure.

This may have been that article:

You will have to note that I’m a diagnosed (2004) type 2 diabetic with stage 4 renal failure fluctuating in the 20’s of kidney function with a fairly stable if higher a1c of not quite mid 7’s with two alterations of normals:
In 2011 I got? Perfect if not low cholesterol after running 315-375 numbers forever only after quitting as I ran out every medication save allopurinol which is for gout – and in 12/2016-6/2017 I went from 17% renal function to 27% with two stable rising duplicated numbers across six months checks yet now these numbers flag – resulting mostly from altering diet eliminating in large part pork and highly limiting beef intake eating mainly a high fat gas station diet.

Now obviously as a ‘poopy’ meds taker and a high awareness OF nutrition, not necessarily following it, I investigate trying in a way to duplicate some previous good.


7 Low Carb Noodle Substitutes

Alright. I don’t know about these dubious things save I know I’ve had the zucchini and yellow neck as veggie string noodles. (Sis). No not a huge fan simply based on taste.
I’ve had the miracle noodle but not it’s fish complaint… just a general complaint
And I disdain spaghetti squash.

So being a butt about about compromise and not helping forward the chance to make it / them better! I get a big wanh wanh wanh fail! There.

Because I know everything! … not…. info

Nori as noodle substitute search resulted in
Is it Japanese Lasagna or Italian Sushi?


Cucumber Pasta with Avocado Sauce & Nori

Which requires

And I remind, I didn’t get a homerun experience it wasn’t my experiment and I admit some buttish refusal to play along as it felt forced on me mean like loving a cat- fuck that!- Was the feeling 😉

However you know I’d like to try your approach I would like to have friendly interest so, slowly I get off the arse to try to see why my experience… did the duck (toilet duck… swirls hands all silly)

Other alternative for light! Carb

Because my brother made a crispy kale lasagna?

(1/3 carb minus the dietary fiber pull off of 37g pasta not including its dietary fiber removal)
( I knew I remember seeing it somewhere else !! 😉 Metamucil. – psyllium husk – part of ingredient list for kale wrap)

Why the wraps?
Soy was what I was after oo just look at carb count!

Ezekiel bread “facts”

Ezekiel bread nutrition
Holy shit! That nutritively a whallop,473390/
Comparing the above
Comparing the below

Which if comparing pasta carb to the substitutes now rye bread you’ll see why I get fickle about some dads as what’s the scientific point of outright tossing bread some things are good!

Before you buy that smug smile read carefully that I thought x was nutritively dense and realism I put that Easter egg of humility in there on purpose…

The point is French toast or gluten light or carb light depending on mood within this above I’m rebellious yet trying to get excited and truly connect not just frump like life isn’t as planned.

Obviously I have issues but I do wish that Keto reclocks or restarts/returns some kidney regerative ease anyways and of course a fundamentally sustainable lifestyle if I’m to bother at all

Best kidney fat searches

How to Render Tallow

The best?
Remember in about third grade I’m moved down in birth order place and thoroughly friendless at school I largely quit outside – I didn’t gain a stable “best friend” til late third grade fourth ish and was chunky monkey forever onward til Diabetes nixed that ! Thus I look to be careful with information and facts yet admit likely sources too… grandfather left of kidney failure and emphysema yet while all blame smoking, it’s ridiculous as he worked a glass factory and that’s not without nasty fumes…0….276.2603.0j8j6…………….0i22i30j0i131i20i264.lPx8HYmkZmg%3D

Because it links higher incidences of true risks but which? Well I don’t need kidney stones and I see! Heh I would court them now the point

The point

Not the original article but similar point

Now the better definition

My brain is semi fried so the remaining q of which fats remains unexplored for now as does how to balance this against incurring damage/stones or heart failure/ plaques me dead plugged up arteries

Remember- low glycemic impact too.


Here’s the traps involved, I didn’t then Not nie eat pasta pizza etc every meal but I also don’t have a journal to demonstrate a diet niw nor over time so basing choices is far more of a guessing game!

Anyways my notes

Now I do like fried zucchini utterly defeating carb control. I also love cheeseSa

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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