Praying for reality?

Out cheating kisses
Smiling like the world’s mine
About ‘me?’ moments

To heal or drive the world my way for a plucking out of its abundance, I’ve?

Simply to not ‘win’ but celebrate joy

Winning denotes and conjure the fear of losing just as it lifts the eyes in luck’s surprises in instanstant completion in contentment, it’s chasing rushing winds of of old blue northern roped instead enjoy the breezes god given

A ‘blue norther’is A weather front that often reoccurs…

Dopamine chasing is a lottery win after s lifetime of losing you’re last hope and dollar so many times!

Seratonin might be a coffee enjoyed of enough change scrounged up spur of the moment! Yayyyy cofffee!

Oxytocin might be in negative attention seeking behavior try to insult versus compliment for a raised eyebrow and playful smack… or outright a good whallop because know you’re there it lingers.

Positive esque behavior oxytocin seeking might be a hug and bright smile of delight suggesting something just right for dinner/lunch and then a walk.

Many things combine to increase these states by habit. What works courts more. Fail enough trying after these and there still is power but it’s a way blocked by not achieving it.

Pavlov-Ian behavior modification!

See and achieve – it’s sorta that easy to imagine it then live it real. This concept is bolstered by losing the fear to fail because it is okay!

It right now is entirely okay I want a cozy place I built/or own yet can not just yet achieve as that’s a big project! Believe you me it is!

But why not enjoy making my bed all cozy with fresh bedding and my rent paid with that freedom I actually have to enjoy the world my oyster! ? I can gently choose each choice towards that higher a carefully plotted variety of choices altered to aid the longer term goal?

I want to hold you my love which is cheap cliche but the reality is?

I actually do dream of the smiles warmth of your standing by me knowing there is no looking at a clock for cinderella’s Carriage to poof back into a pumpkin again come midnight. To know you are where you’re comfortable being looking right back at me. To know I have that strength to exercise forward. Yet there need not be but a whim to waste that feeling of real power which is jussssst fine! To not a moment need a single word – you write that meaning onto my heart unspoken.

Curiously you actually already do that.

Some of my dream comes true every breath.

Healing from a lifetime low or woe- riddle hells is not each breath easy but they come easier. Knowing it’s many steps maybe some stumbles? Why not? It’s funny to see the someone else losing a footing whoops acrash bang boom!
I came into a place I could afford and the hope to almost instantly begin towards each dream ready to work it! And oh boy banana peel that so worked out! Not!! Yet progress. 🙂

I can make my bed and now cook more freely! I didn’t have to do it allllll. Yayyyy!

Maybe I’m cross-eyed for Jesus
That I’m more grate within hopeful knowing I’m delusional in my hopes…

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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