PoSH 4.6/7 RAZzle DAZzle *stripes line.

poem with deep sea creatur/tiger….

vibrating colors

dazzl dazzle dinner..yum

ovtopus hunting.

ode to something unexpected…

total fail to understand and this borrowed machine is fairly difficult to see to navigate so minus a reference I understand to form, you’ll get what you get….shortly.

surprise makes me take notice

it’s like the best magic hocus pous

praise of the skies surprise

they’re realities joke on us.


breakfast is so routine

don’t even matter if it’s a salad green

but in a bite surprise!

you’ve something tastey to oink down like a fiend.


What was it, this JOY

it was a muffin deployed

I’ve had hundreds but not this one

cinnamon Mom’s kind of this taste cloying.


ode to the unexpected

something not ordinarily rejected

it’s the moment you’ve won

a joy for more joy connected.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “PoSH 4.6/7 RAZzle DAZzle *stripes line.”

I’ve been officially razzle-dazzled, J-Man! Right-on writes! So write on!
Love the last one!
OH…And the line “it was a muffin deployed”! 🙂 Good muffins should be deployed every day! 😛
HUGS!!! 🙂

it WAs one of those recipes of the “family” 😉 you know passed on presents? 😀 — I will be honest I paint it for lack of another subject to poem about unexpecdted upon but it was just as pleasing as any good breakfast can be. eye opening smiles :).

I don’t know about what i sent- I’m half reciped with MIL and old time family tradition…sis’ MIL I’m still unmarried. but, as I’ve made a mix or two muffins enough I knew the weights/measures well enough to wing it from scratch after a time and what not, I likely could see this working and it is my question for up there. … the hardship of times gone by before and this new age isn’t that we are more foggy about details swiped from the ‘net not our guard-safed bible of index card recipes 🙂 however, I know of things I would never have seen if it weren’t for others, chipped beef in sour cream as a chips dip? requiring one of those jars of essentially dried beef lunch meat… wondered as i went down the aisles of the store why that existed lol then i knew. 😉 or frogeye salad, what’s that all about? I mean it was good not great remember by this time of discovery late high school I would have had the signs of impending changes for diabetes so sugar stopped tasting the same even if I’d have 12 more years before diagnosis… I stopped enjoying sugars the same way… or flat out was just different by then from what i remember as we all change through times 😀 but, such as i can remember – is the discovery hour. 🙂

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