W16SH, 78


  • everlastings
  • strange noises, wax paper, narcolepsy, gold fish, red head.

borrowing now from the notes for later and drawing inspirations from a supposed failure…BAH of Leah’s 7th W16SH offering… let’s see if i got me some of my own MOHO reborn.

123456, 261354, 354216, 421635, 542163, 635421 or the wikipedia typical progression of a sestina.Β  i’d try to do this with a musical idea in mind but my only sources are operatic to me… sorry ms. hoather, I’m not unaware of the high talent it takes to sing opera, but even when it is a language i do understand, i can not pick out enough of the words to follow it.Β  but none the same i include this sestina to music assuming it actually is what i think it is…because all i can get from it is the clock set to about 15:36…a fine time lol for sestinas and also afternoon class recitations πŸ˜€ points directly to the performer…


everlastings, strange noises, wax paper, goldfish, narcolepsy, red head.


childhood speaks of times everlastings

playground memories of our strange noises

of slides we conquered with mom’s wax paper

mem’ries of meaning like viewing goldfish

excitement at play for narcolepsy

yes to fall asleep dreaming that red head.


red head at our play and joy’sΒ  strange noises

vict’ry so hard won me and that red head

it was within love, or everlastings

ingenuity, and mom’s wax paper

a small price to pay, mom’s narcolepsy

seems cheesey now like eating goldfish


scrub scrubbity scrub up with wax paper

the children’s vict’ry now’s narcolepsy

because that handful’s ‘carb’y, them goldfish

soon enough sleeping making strange noises

dreaming of the joys – time’s everlastings

yep, of our first loves… one little red head.


do you stroll aisles, memories…. goldfish

do you struggle on squashing strange noises

wondering a time, past everlastings

of your yester yearsΒ  toe-headed red head?

walking up that slide we SO wax papered

so soon came a nap, our narcolepsy


but each night before …ooops narcolepsy

or walking the store deciding goldfish?

it’s memories time before strange noises

giggles ev’ry step towards everlastings

hand in hand shouting me and that red head

now slides are safer no to wax paper


now I remember she’s blond, not red head

macaroni bites take my wax paper

IΒ  have diff’rent naps not narcolepsy

looking the old chump beaming ’bout goldfish

of my memories and sleeps strange noises

and being within love everlastings.


strange noises indeed and narcolepsy

kiddie goldfish snacks, vict’ry’s wax paper

and me a red head – dreams… everlastings.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “W16SH, 78”

of course, the best part about fiction is that it has to have a reality in there somewhere… I can’t say i like a redhead girl/young woman anywhere in the time point hinted at in this “childhood” nor did i play on that type of slide with any girl while it existed. this is that park NOW with no picture i can access of THEN which would be over 30 years ago. it is zang spur park close to depot hill museum broomfield colorado. the only young lady i got to have a teeny crush on was better bother in my back yard over chasing badminton birdies… and thus i can’t remember climbing that slide as in with who… it did indeed require wax paper and at the top there was that thrill of conquering everest but that was quickly ruined when we tried to slide back down…. this resulted in a slow ride…across the still screamingly hot metal….victory became ashes. as to gold fish, i never ate them as a kid so now i have to look up when they came to be lol wiki says division of campbells soup from 1998 which place me squarely 23 so no wonder i don’t remember them! πŸ˜€ but i remember well the simese fight fish and how coldfishies were dinner… where as i search my memory I can’t spot a visual memory meaning it was bullshit hyperbole spread between males of a younger age… true but not in the way painted up to be. but such is the point, it has to have some basis in reality… I borrow my favorite chase not my first hope which was a gal who had later a little red head boy according to my grandmother but it was the oddest no to me then when i got such said to my asking if she could spend the night a year before I had the hormonal problems of aging πŸ˜€ lol. as of course i can remember the laughter but no longer the face, the place a view of a side entrance to house requiring me to google my grandmothers old home in detroit which doesn’t translate as a link well so nah …it is what it is fiction… but … to borrow a bad tie in of a song, chicago’s I remember the feeling. and i do. even if as i said this one’s hooey fiction.

lol see, instead of line after line a whip of punishments only to make a pile proper of them…steaming pile πŸ˜€ well done. your answer is I don’t have narcolepsy so i doubt it πŸ˜€ besides sex usually is fun even if it’s but/t a contemplations.

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