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I live roughly on the major intersection of hwy 115/Nevada ave at Cheyenne Meadows .  if you are determined to look this up, it is within the city of Colorado Springs colorado/CO 80906 and does both yahoo and google…probably bings as well… which sounds like a funny joke to  a non computering soul be it of now or yester years.  The bus route is mountain metro’s route #10 which so isn’t Denver’s Best ever over time customer service rated transit system…. but it sure beats walking around at night along a highway!  now that i live here, it’s time to escape! 😀  well travel and explore.  the problem here isn’t money but desire to get off the arse.  and also one more of which way?

I can be in either of the two bigger cities nearer by of Denver and it’s rambling metro or pueblo.  north or south?  how very much civil war of me to ask…blue or gray?  the trouble isn’t  timing so much as it’s do i have that oomph.  well for a start to this you can decidee.  here follows an example.  one is denver’s offering which i know as a fine choice and already as I’ve been and it’s close to a variety of things to do back along the way home… however, it’s the past.  it’s the  blue or blues  instead of the romance of the next offering which in many ways mirrors the menu and yet is the romance of the new and or the unknown haze of the unexplored new world…. to make more jokes, things sure can go south trying new things… but

keep in mind I don’t much require any guide to get here it’s a w train nowadays to a 51 bus.  back along the way about midway is sloans lake with a kingsoopers and target stores along with a #20 bus to take through the north side of my old 2nd college campus into the heart of downtown’s walking mall – the 16th stree mall which directly one block west of the greyhound is the or pacific merchantile, a fine small japanese store that delights me.. if i walk a few streets north, I can try catching a #32 bus downtown which drops off at a vitamin cottage which is the corner of where they grind all the spices for the multi store chain now of  and still allows me that earlier mentioned visit of the jap store!… however, i never took the 32 this way ever so would be leary of said after dark as that whole area now is brand new as the main terminal of the bus even moved… i’d risk getting lost in “my town”  – for those of you wondering why i’d forget to list praise of the food, i haven’t.  this place in one or two reviews gives you an idea and a fair one

this has my favorite on page 2/4 #11, stuffed sopapilla.

now to the southerly offering.

this immediately requires me to know where the eff i’m going which is  a 2.5ish mile walk from one end of town to another  so i had to look up the greyhound station and this place which brings up why I like google more often than yahoo… google plugs in major places often searched for without requiring as many direct addresses/ streets even as in intersections work sometimes…but oh no, yahoo me up another three pages to find the bus terminal address.  hmph.    you can see the diret route is is available but the simplest safer walking route is also simpler and available – providing you care to…. you know, look it up yourself.

the reviews list stuffed sopapillas as well and a much more stewed up  or sunk in sauce cheesed off one.

logiistic are about the same, it’s closer to 2 hours from c.s. to pueblo versus 1.5 to denver’s heart.  what bus? pueblo as in town…at least according to where i want to go and yahoo’s directions finder.  but as i cant think of anywhere to stop at extra, I end up even walking getting to both in or around the same ammounts of time.

both places are smaller and rate about just over four stars each.

so which direction, north or south? blue or grey? known or unknow?  this is my limited shot at adventure.

by way of note, historically, the last time I had such a directions challenge lol it was over two gals.  one lived in philadelphia, pa and the other bethany ok.  one was cute as hell if a tad crazy…but not offering direct romance either as she had a boy tow at that moment.  the and it was murder trying to plan a bus journey and it’s round about return direct of course…broke… to bother a gal to presume a couch or garage when she had a boy and it wasn’t me…and it was a true vacation length visit..versus a long weekend visit to bethany.  where she was very much attractive and captivating too but not as cute so to speak if weight’s the only factor considered.  she was available and interested.  so anyone who wishes to laugh about my rememberances of direction and knows which way south…i went?  consider now that the southerly route was to a troublesome togetherness it lasted 11 years with one minute bliss afire then next just fire and ire.  you too would hope for the what if option??  so here it is again albeit it’s not including women… but it’s still just as important.


which way?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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buy day of travel via based against today’s query for friday the 1/22 travel lists denver at 17 day of and 1/5 hours ish and pueblo at 50 minutes for 15 day of each way purchase cost with 20 ish for lunch and a drink about the ways in pueblo or 50 bucks or 70 in denver and a hell of a lot more desires to add to it from knowledge… so in a way the choice remains the same, it’s harder to choose the better option even if it’s filled with far more promise, yet it is likelier that i’ll again go south not because it’s better but because it’s promising what i want at a price i can afford… “new” to me good stuff a minor hassle of logistic and thus a walk… but I’m trying for what amounts to a day trip i can repeat, not visiting HOME so to speak. however the question remains…which way?

Spring break 1979, I traveled from KU to south Texas with my friend Keith. We spent the night in OKC and went to a concert at a Christian college in Bethany with two girls from that school, one of whom had won the title “Bee Queen” or something similar at a beekeepers’ convention. (Keith’s dad was a beekeeper.) I don’t remember either girl’s name, but may have a photo of Keith with the Bee Queen somewhere. The band was Andrus, Blackwood & Company. I remember one of their songs because Keith bought an 8-track and we listened to it in his VW bug.

Shortly after our return to KU, the Bee Queen notified Keith that she was no longer interested in him. A few years later, he met a nice girl at Emory and married her.

With the internet, maps, GPS, etc., it’s easier today to figure out how to get from Point A to Point Z, but it’s hard to find one’s direction when it comes to love and life and such decisions.
You are smart. And you have a good heart. (that rhymed!!! 😀 ) So, I think you will always find your way. 🙂 You will always figure things out. 🙂

When it comes to direction directions, people have to tell me “right” or “left”, because I am directionally challenged 😉 and “north”, “south”, “east” and “Kanye West” baffle me! 😉 😛
(As much as possible I try to turn left! 😉 )

One time a lady was giving me directions to their ranch and she said, “Turn off the highway at Junction 390 and then left where the Old Dance Barn USED TO BE and then…”
I said, “Ha! I’ve only lived here a little while. I don’t know where The Old Dance Barn used to be before it got torn down!”
We both laughed! 😛

Now I shall check out your link-y links!
HUGS!!! 🙂

come on! you forgot oliver north, kanye westxlint east-wood and we southside sid for lack of a directonal fit…. I have my invitation to visit brother and old roommate so in a way it’s likely certain i’m olibering or bothing. I think i put up enough links this week for ya 😉 links are kinda like hugs as people get combined and secure that good feeling. i will point out that smart heart FART, mart part lark sparkdark dart carp art bark bark and such are close rhymers as well 😉 oh and barf….just to leave the allusion of opinion on that subject covered too.

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