wherein I try to stylishly whine

screw style here’s cheap planck de gutter water spritzers.

alright, I went on a mission to obtain the best damned value in dining pleasure and chose a pizza wine bar joint that’s just crawling with customers and so much so a simple carryout took 30 minutes when pizza’s take’s 17 at most to make or 2 rounds deep in orders.   i arrive home with flaming hot lap-itits it’s so fresh and’ it’s crawling with onions, i guess I’m on my own food mission, the other voice was don’t make a damned mess of my kitchen!  rodney dangerfield comes to mind… here really does.

i arrive to to work and the first words out of my over arching supervisor were, i didn’t expect to see you.  I point out i soooo didn’t want to haul in today and expesshhhially 😉 especially if you think i can not spell… didn’t want that remark.  i mean i sit in meetings and i’m told we’ve the people to justify your hours here’s a third day and i beg off one week so i can enjoy my days off and arrive to hear they didn’t expect me??  good thing as the worst possible news arrived in that I lose my one weekend day off and move for 2 months to friday saturday sunday schedule with half pace/pay days or it could not possibly  e any professionally worse than half time all weekends and holidays  forever i know better. and whatever i do i have one month to make it work which means as money is worth half as much it’ll be two literal slogs to get through with 4 laugh at me… days of slog and toil holiday weekends and not hope ever of remission til the husband gets a job with different than saturdays and sfridays off. 😉  … however, as you’ve laughed, there is a bright maybe coming, I asked after computerizing our paper trail so i can contribute knowing as i’ve wrote a fuck ton of them for schooling excel sheets that do just this, automate/computerize record keeping…I said in reality it saves them from hassle of time with neater paperwork  which is offsite securely availale  😉 and yet to me is enlargable on click demand accessible where I can actually again do my actual job which is until it hits paper it didn’t happen.  so, while I’ve 60 days in county lock up punishment for my sins with a schedule all gravy and rip rate for me, 😀 I have a job and bless the world for my shot at MY goals happening.

back to pizza and vodka tonics.  lets hope i can keep this one in the glass or down my gob not oops all over me trying to open a door with a drink in my hand…yes! i do feel like a goober!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “wherein I try to stylishly whine”

Want some stylish cheese to go with your stylish whine?! HA! 😛
Can you have visitors is lock-up?! 😮
What kind of pizza is your fav?! 😛
Are you a goober as in a peanut, but one covered in chocolate???
I are a goober, too! A goober who is full of questions!
Good song for a Thursday!
🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 HUGS!!! 🙂

i suppose i’m not tied to one love in pizza any longer so a good bacon and tomato might be nice but then again a spinach and cream cheese with garlic can be another some of the best I’ve had were the simplest pizzas like a bonnie brea’s tavern before the family oversight passed away was a standing room only place that put out about the best pie of memory even if its no where as good now…just a simple crispy thinner canadian bacon only which is odd but i remember when canadian bacon was NOT just add ham instead. i heard and had gino’s east before all the family travels back east ceased but i didn’t get to beat the gino’s east pizza oven and attendant bread machine mix for their signature golden crust chicicago deap dish- using good pasta flour was their claim to fame. jimanos in town of mainly chicago is the bomb local for said stuff. i’ve had a spinach and green olive garlic stuffed pie too but I’ve made far more spinach cream cheese calzones/big pockets myself. about the neatest outcome was a tastier than expect home made hungarian whole wheat flour crust before everyone was anti carb/allergic to bread which meant getting fat. but i made it with simple sauce cheddar and snipss of sun dried tomato and was pleased with the bacony type taste texture fake for a veg only special…i buy more many meats pizzas than one’s with veggies going out but I’m capable of enjoying vegetarian onlys. it’s neeat to see salami making it to more pizza combinations now but it’s still hard to get any pizza with more than one topping in the frozen section to taste any good. so to be fair: I like thin pizzas with a double trouble of pepperoni if not outright a pizzahut. Ilike thinner ones with canadian bacon but in fairness not a hawaiian i.e. add pianapple which i find unnecessary and yet i don’t hate it.. i like the medium ones i.e. hand tossed with bacon and tomato or some other something something combination of toppings. i like the foldovers just about the same as a medium thick dough with mostly veggie combinations. but do not get me wrong a salami stromboli wont hurt my feelings! calzone/stromboli seem to have little difference in which product they are… deepdish pizza is best with the kitchen sink on it mmmm but actual deep dish pies as in crust under over and around is a person god moment where anything is possible. i don’t dislike over puff edges which usually require honey or something but the fad is long lost and it helps them skimp on the topping in the middle so i don’t get overpuff crusts much as i get less pizza…and while i like stuffed crust cheese etc things it so much damned calories that I’m less nuts on that fad. once in a blue moon i like weird combinations like i’ve made a bbq chicken and pickled cabbage pizza that actually unfairly in my oppinion frightened off tryers. I’ve tried the portabello mushroom pizzas and nah. too much mushroom.

oh and as for cheese, we could break out a mahon if the local store happens to have a little brick. if not i’m fairly unstylish liking pretty much muenster the red edged american kind not the wine soaked french kind with the oddly german name 😀

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