invisible hands

touch in ways so obvious

moisture, please, moisture

There exists this rainbow, this cornucopia of colors, all of which are saline.  Each an all colors from innocent white which burns the colour caution to a less refined white that most festively burns caution to reds sometimes a speckle of green.  Then there is the pink which goes to the most beautiful purple under the flame yet energizes one like nothing else can.  There is blue salts which are just about the prettiest blue too under  the fire’s light they create but such can only make us blue as in stone cold dead as it’s poison true.  There is brown salt earthy and zesty, red salt fruity and vinegared sharped.  There is green salt that comes usually in spears, mince or slices but sometimes even un-chopped, yes whole.  Without these nothing ever tastes exciting and yet just you wait while waterlogged to pass the scales forlorn of the glug of water you weigh more with.  Just you wait to hear how you’re on your way to making yourself into a modern day mummy.  and yet no words however true take away the desire for a spiced living of life.  It is a lonely meal without the rainbows saline to dance the tastes acrossed one’s tongue.  It’s unfair the oceans about are but poison as there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing becomes harmful.  but imagine with me the fiction of a day where I took in the correct for me amount of sodium, the watch mineral within salts be they table salt or something far flung into some book of witchcraft most processed modern.  Yeah, the fiction I can live within a sodium intake restriction…hmph.

Potassium salt…bitter bitter.  Magnesium salt- I usually  don’t mind but even I get Leary of that bag of sunflower seeds or some bottled waters that literally are like licking a lane-way in winter…that kills the trees stone dead yet is just fine for me? condiments abound as  of any color save blues which aren’t so healthy to take internally sometimes so just in case you watch for the funnies – the smurf come from a Dutchman saying salt…apparently it’s smurf-tastic 😉 yet copper salts are largely toxic to humans but quite great for making pressure treated lumber which will last one a longer spell.  Yet again imagine the day one can find a solution to the how to live within the correct intake of sodium… for it is to me a fiction.  Yes, doc, you wouldn’t believe this salt-free tasty dish I just made that is all the rage of the range!

But the tree of life was cut down salted and banded in a hoop of iron.  The reality of even the myth of the bible says to be mindful salt is required to live sure, but it’s so easy for the same sword to smite one dead.

a cheater’s version of #fictionfridays.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “intake.”

wonderful, you. indeed, the colors-so salty! 😉 (funny what we end up becoming expert in. i’m in the middle of understanding PH (re a little pool i finally indulged in getting. big trouble.)

I actually like watching potash go into murky water and settle it from complete murk to bluest clear with care…which of course means care about that ph!! must be taken 😀 now onwards to your offering

Love you haiku! 🙂
Darn, crap, heck, son of a buck, this is a flicking great post!
Oopy…sorry for my salty, colorful language! 😮
Interesting how something as tiny as salt can be good for us and bad for us. ???
HUGS!!! 🙂 and Happy Sat-Day!!! 😛

hug and happy saturday he’s still pleased about a chance at different tings out there than the usual 🙂 typical is tomorrow however lol so back to it. as typical means typically paychecks which can keep the atypical occuring 😀 😀 atypical hugs.

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