Ambling about the internet, I’ve moving evidence of colon cleaNSING thrills…okay perhaps not colonics, but subjects. 

covell offered up a preview of what to expect of their beading training dvd on the youtube

I like the insert for the model T  oooo.

Ever Wonder what the olde time radio shows were like?  or if you’re a dust cougher, would you like to aim for a flat tire down amnesia lane?

so far I’ve had time only to listen to “The Adventures of Phillip Marlow” all the way through and the intro to “Omar the Persion”  the quality of the recordings is listenable to but so far it’d bum me out if I only find 50’s era radio.  I want older ;)…

the marlowe one was like the echo of Sunset Boulevard

I looked up some things like space suits, 27 clubbers janis and jimmy, what the hell a darwn bark spider is….going back to a space suit it’s a type of silk…spider silk and it’s 1000 versus half that of mesh steel….one needs lether but lether that can stop a bullet… or more importantly a puncture which tends to be rather fatal in the lil ballons keeping one alive in space…and of course some soft rock to make me very happy.


I got some.  i new bulbs as I don’t like the look of bare bulbs so I got some cfls with an outter cover that makes them look like theater dressing room type round bulbs.  I also got two big bath towels heh bronze…orange… and darker blue…hint they look like  the broncoey nfl colours and a phone charger… but most happily a bible games book for preschoolers which may come in handy as I don’t wish to be forever static at what I offer.   oh and ooo ooo the evil thrill of math in the morning! 😀  welp,it’s laundry time. 😀  I may have guests later on may not… should have some clothes to avoid nudity for work.


the neatest .thing on the day was reading my letter all pretty and such. it was a presentational  delight

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “stuff.”

I love the hollow sound of 30’s radio and music from the 20’s. I vaguely remember my great grandparents playing their music. It’s fun to put them back in the era, all young and full of pep. Speaking of, you sound great. New things — towels, light bulbs, charger and a Bible game book. Is the book for you or is there a little one about? I’m currently coloring in a sort of Bible book, too. Stay the way you are, regardless of avoiding static. 🙂 (old radio is great!). 🙂

little as in cognition …not age. 😀 but yes, 😀 I am smiling because I have more stuff to do that isn’t exactly the same old crap. and a candle again. the jolly rancher cinnamon is now a standard apple and spice. I’ve a neato way to respond your way – I’ll just bet you’ll catch the hint… I’m able to borrow clock’ of metaphorically potent stuff if you aint looking :D…which in that case you’d miss it…keep your eyes open I’ve a stop after work beginning with sponge painting :D. why the holy hell I asked for that I’ll never know…but I GOT IT 😀 now for another update on the day 🙂

When I lived in Lawrence, KS one of the campus radio stations played old-timey radio shows: “Who knows what evil lurks in th hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows.” Jack Benny was a lot of fun, and of course Abbot & Costello.

My college roommate used to talk about barking spiders whenever someone farted.

I’ve always wondered what the old time radio shows were like. I’ve never heard one.
I will check out your links.
I like new towels! The colors you chose are beautiful!
I don’t like dong math at any time of the day!

Did you get your laundry done?
Did you get guests?
What letter did you read?

HUGS for a Whee-kend!!! 😀

lol did you call me lame coffee a weak end? 😀 lol yes I did my laundry which I’m very happy of now and about to make use of after I get some coffee. 😀 the letter is from… sorry 😀 I’m not saying 😀 here anyways. should write you too. and now, back to going oh please let no one get paint on them…it’s hand painting day and I so try to have that fun but cant spot the complete cleanup which is like bad.

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