Spong-y Spong -y! (Funky funky)

The 80’s Group Information society on their self titled album end it with “Makie it Funky”…”funk..ey Funk..ey!” in what is a preprogrammed computer voice sure then to have been “cool” but now more kinda dopey.  This is the :S squishy smile feeling I have facing sponge painting, my opening day’s activity.  I suppose this is because, I’m out of fancy ideas to  have one think minimalistically in painting…nevermind the medium…perhaps even with a Chinese Flair, or how to conceive and display a scene …Ithinking I have a breath left and time to look up the pointilists and conjur perhaps some splotchy scene of a cross between comic book brilliance and paint by numbers…connect the dots that is…. but in reality I’m fresh out of the vast enthusiasm of this activity…as I’m pretty much out of ready ideas… and I remember it being fun.  and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for the fun just enough to try it…one more time for …”old” times sake.”

I won at backgammon.  losing the freeby opener, then gained 2 smacks lol of then next’s losses so the other I’ve not seen in 3 years it seems is as usual not really out of pocket  but I’ve won! finally! ooo moral  lol in even vices victory! then another buck directly  and then lost the 3rd of three but only a buck so thus I am the top maker of prizes, the second on the night competition winnings and one heck of a proud backgammon CHAMP.  These are my friends from beginning ten years back… conveniently just as I began what was once the glorious Xanga.  I am glad to share some of the same old song and a new story too.  There was Pizza and Beer.  No, I didn’t cook a thing….I’ll survive 😉  my early mention of blt tortillas wenbt over with fussy like a fart in church 😀 so…. pizza and beer.  papa john’s pepperoni mushroom and sausage green pepper versionss pie and pilsner urqell, batch 19 – coors and wild blueberry, with some gluten free beer odds and suds/sods to start out.  And even though I already knew 😉 the story, the REAL story of how that couch got broke.

I really dig being able to see my side entrance at night – the 1600 *800 by 2* ‘s really are just what I had hoped to up the oomph of light although it’s now white light not golden… I’ll happily survive.

I’ve a mini kick of old fashioned letter writing going again.  I’m laughing immensely as the stationary is somewhat unique 😉  however in one way it’s like a cycle restartiong allll over again. deja vu and I know how it ends too 😉  but it’s fun sitting here nostalgic and new.  I think I might photocopy the early edition of bible themed fun so I can paint by numbers the color code kind Joseph’s technicolor dream-coat.  oh yeah I’ve a closet and it has crtayons!…. somehow that says something I’m not quite leaning into saying…but jokes are jokes and I’ve rubber denial.

on the off chance you’d like a sampling….gag… of the 80’s  want a coke and another reminisce of max headroom?

well, I suppose the only other duties I have then are to finish my letter, look up some art history or any b.s. that keeps me trying after snagging some random interest. playing something inspiring if not literal…shave and a hair cut…2 bits…or the shaving cream, be nice and clean, shave *today* so I should look keen. Keene? oh know I’m thinking Dis ney Tarzan!  ooga booga.

I love the title to this pic…. the train to crazy…spin art.

this is more importantly ranked for ‘spinning tempura’

and I suppose of all the pictures I regret to have lost to the past, 

the day I was invited to a elementary school party and made me one of these but didn’t snag the kindergarden teacher….was useful at least in re upping my lame or simpler art skillz to smudge my picture then into an owl… was fun…and yet another lost to the ages person I was then…. lol even before I once was! 😉

Another reason the new Xanga seems dead to me is the Watch People have found me…and it is only watch people waiting for me there. oh and I’d post a photo of the lastnight… but a rat scampered off with my cord.  

well, it’s 720 or I;ve turned time around twice full circles 😀 gotta get.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Spong-y Spong -y! (Funky funky)”

Ha! I haven’t thought about Max Headroom in years! 😀

I love doing art projects…and paint spinning is fun! I once had my students put dry tempura (different colors) on paper and we put the papers outside on the sidewalk in the rain. The rain “painted” a picture! The kids loved watching that! 🙂

Who are the Watch People?!

Ha. Kindergarten teachers are difficult to snag! 😉

HUGS!!! Happy Whee-Kend!!! 🙂

lol “watch peoploe” are sellers…not peter per say… 😉 I am ignoring a.nother vision of how to write difinitively how to understand me… an echo of an echo through a fart in a jar…the allusion here is “rose colored glasses” and diffraction through differing media…. says I shouldn’t share away all of my power and trust and that is to robb you of a lessoning of mystery me… ro bb is j.d. rolbb or nora roberts pen name or nom de plume

I resist for my protection sharing what I do with whom because I’m constrained by the same law as you… you call them students and I residents. pardon me if I’m not ready to delve into discussing minutie without blurrring the line I should n’t color outside of… this is a true methodist coloring book if I color outside the lines I will go to hell.

One of my favorite physicists keeps posting on new discoveries of the Spotless Mind (an allusion to the movie) where advances in medicine can erase memories — positive implications for sufferers of PTSD. I, myself, would shy away from such remedy. With your memories, Josh, there is no “lost to the ages person” you were then. I know what you mean, but you get to relive it in your memory, and it has been argued that because of it, you are not only “I once was” but who you are. (I know. Hate me. I’m all preachy and kitsch sounding). Sponge art is cool, and great for those with severe arthritis. It’s about texture. And color. But not to sound like I wasn’t paying attention. Maybe you have a touch of burn out. A job can do that. Do you go on field trips? Oh, and HA! I was just going to say something about photos. Get that dirty rat!

lol, as you’ll read the above reply I’m constrained. I did however have a day that unlike most calling in “late” which I wasn’t but behind schedule yes I’ve a five minute window I cultibate to be where I’m to be each day “on” and religiously call today boss answered. most would cry with anguish but I with a bit of joy! because I could pestuer the shit out of her about what she wants down to the minuties. I do burn out because I can’t make people chosse yet I’m gauged on how many choose… somewhat typical and also unfair 😉 I get to do as I please….WITHIN REASON and lately I’m not get the votes I know the bean counters nead to see…. ultimately it matter’s not why do or die….and I’m doing just that. I haven’t lost hope nor my job but i care a dangerous thing on the job.
god likes me. today’s even more heheheh I got you …was… ooo I get to ask you questions… remember I can’t see the response just hear the words which said “no no no I have lots of work to do don’t you dare!”
intercession is heh you’ve won she’s smiling. I can’t tell and was about togive up all hope and said” now now! shame on you for giving the game away!! I’m not supposed to hear that and took thurough advantage. don’t punch god in the nose or something like that ;)’
I did enjoy my time but I’m also not stupid I had the key end of my week of lousy production and I can count my each and every duty set and it’s results. but I care and too long if I fail not to know or go with my interpretations I will fail I really take people at their word heard versus the unseen half hidden smiles I can’t see but I’ve work… and I hope for the mercy pass some days 😉 but by the grace of god go I.

the worst leveled truthfully thing I said was the interplay between the cruel world of medical work’s double and triple checks backups and what not… it just is. but imagine how fast low esteem makes one connect the dots wrong when I get a mention all mentions bad! of something out of place and this case was paint on a activity I ran not cleaned off nevermind non-toxic it’s attentions! CARE if one is dirty they’re not cared for. 100k a year and you cant keep a simple bit of dignity up? this is my job I’m not respected to acheive this but it is important. and everyone else? could? didnT? why???? I showed that my handling is imperfect. I wrote notes to charge nurse that I did x and y helped yet I needed to alert them to triple check… I overdo. it is my nature on or off I have no balance…..and the one’s response was ” you just proved that your backup is shit and not doing their job.” which I told my supervising soul makes me feel instantly that I’m not held accountable to doing mine and worse making waves with a whole class of others I need! to achieve mine….and by education and liscense are ahead of me in the food chain. pay counts now. explitive. I’m only there because i’m reliable…. I’m not expected to do anything and piss offc the people I need explitive. mercy job 😀 explitive …. understand what I mean byt connecting the wrong dots emotionally/? medical work cares not for esteewm this is a results job and dangerous to boot with many layers of fail safes… GOOD not bad GOOD for me. easier or as easy as it can be…. yet damn dangerous interpersonally hence risk elevated and more dough. again bonus for ME whee! but please understand I would not waste the typing to tell you what I try to fight which is a perception I don’t understand and half the time cant see yet without expectation and thus respect for results I am not growing but stagnating in a hell of being coddled.
but I felt better simply saying it and do now because you nice folk remind me to be my best with your perspectives…. I can’t dream them all up but hugs help 😀

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