The Becoming Purple Pie Safe

Pardon me if I garble text as I didn’t charge my phone…. this chromebook sucks balls to type on with my heavy handed ways. Oh and it’s veral diarrea of my excitements for you as I did the research of links info and thus quickie illustratives….so hmph.

I’m curious about upping my I’m over fourty game to include furniture I want to live using. I need a lockable cabinet as I currently live with a curious two year old and want breakable things. I mentioned I’d watched Norm Abrams in my days of his New Yankee Wrkshop and saw him between this and This Old House make a punched tin Pie Safe. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t Roy Underhill’s hand tools only, The Woodwringht’s Shop.

I started looking into Sunflowers so as to a: kinda play on my sister’s love of the things and to have a not pineapple design to punch on the imagined first tin panels of the cabinet.. I then found it’s a Hopi Black Dye. Hopi is an indian or I should these day’s say, Native American Peoples whom had some pretty elaborate cliff dwellings in the cortez area of south Eastern Colorado USA. The black isn’t always very black or very purple intense…but it is a purple pigment I looked up how to make that pigment more vibrant as a wood stain and it can be achieved via oil based stain compositions alcohol based stains but crappily via water based stains. motherearth on the stains I think.

I thus saw I can utilize a wicker backet tray/drawer versus a wooden box draw. Iwas shown the light of light constructruction anywhere possible!.

I figured on reclaimed pine as I know it’s likely pinewood the building which is an ore sorting house still on site of the north london mine, park city although defunct as a city just under the highpoint of the mosquito pass between Fairplay Colorado and it’s southpark, a tourist town of park city and a rude cartoon of yesteryears southpark, and Alma Colorado. this orehouse began operations in the early turn of the century and is over hundred years old. it’s probably illegal to poach a board or two souvenigner from here but it’d come with that wisp of history.

I’m limited to simple tools to both limit the merciless destruction they can do. I’m too shaky handed to use a dremil which I saw my once roommate enjoy three trips to the hospital for stitches utilizing and me a war zone of blood everywhere to clean up. I’m too blind to use a slightly safer router. and as I mentioned, I’ve a two year old to be aware might be all excitement to be a part of the project, so while I can measure and cut with smaller circular saws, I’d prefer the slower and safer jig saw which, cutting stick slices of wood and gluing those together and an belt sander setup can re plane the reconstructed boards to a uniform size atop making them a bit easier to get into presenting final finishes. I mean it’s just slices clamps and glue. wait forever and then measure like any lumber to the project requirements and cut and cobble. the responsible of you would think that a switch operated trigger vroom vrroom is sexy exciting danger for a two year old versus the sewing machine chugging up and down of a small but open jigsaw wow put your hand on it blade…or I’m still begging troubles…. but while I’ve limited vision being legally blind, I have a damn chance to keep the potential little suicide from hurting himself and yet having not the appoplexy I see him during project time….or have so many rules that I make fun disappear…. also, I’m quite tired these days and have limited shall we really say crap for skils wood shop. how do I make it happen visualized from step one to completed but pretty and lazy project? how do I buy the least in tools yet manage a project? a belt sander isn’t a planer and is with stands about a hundred bucks. it’s 4 inches or so in width more than enough for maximum intended board sizes. versus a planer that’s about five to ten times the cost. pipe and other clamps aren’t free but about another hundred and a jigsaw again the same. it’s about another hundred in gas and snacks to fairplay area for a poaching mission šŸ˜‰ I’d like to remind you I began the year thinking here as a poach rocks from the display of waste and such ore rock there on site for my gold panning adventure phase that didn’t here occur…. but being clear about how to achieve what I want is but a reciprocating batter operated saw away from fairly swiftly poach and going.

growing a patch of double drip purple black hopi giant sunflowers for a purple pigment to finish this project is a season of fun. I’ve never a memory complete of making sunflower seeds as in harvesting them soaking them in saltwater brine and oven roasting them. I have done this many times with pumpkins and or butternut squash. and knowing I’m limited in the word of tools but have to have a variety to say screw a cabinet together just ups myhave to have tools again yet a outcome of a homespun cabinet I can not afford to buy and geez in my price ranges everything is sawdust blow on it and watch it break cheap!.

I remember a lifetime of watching people put down paper to make ucky cabiets pretty and on the cheap. so it’s not surprising I found a dye that’s hmn like ink for simple sunflower seed hull wallpaper with a black and white stripes motif to my cabinet linings? probably far beyond my meager talents to make hand made paper into usable wallpaper but it’s amusing a thought. I may at five hundred not including basic about the house tools I know are another 250, do any of this as I’m seven hudred fifty in to a project not begun and that’s more than a month of me in a room my rent expected not me with a two bedroom apaprtment which in this town is about sixteen hundred to two thousand a month usd for cheap versions nothing luxurious…and remember while i have to move and share on my bankrupted chasing that last lass, I must remember it’s cruel this world but I must have a shot our home as in not shared space, and I may have seemingly zero help getting this i can support my hope of a forever mate simply not interested in excuses or making MY life for me but supporting HER. or i can’t just go grazy buying project fun within being supported by others through my bankruptcy hoping after another who as usual had other choices chosen….awwwww. but so you see, the weighing of safety costs legality like I care very much šŸ˜‰ as asking permission often means just answer it yourself no…as you watch others not ask and get. or Iwas that care that it costs our choices, and watched without hope now that asking means getting an answer….as an old joke goes, if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it! yet only a fool doesn’t visualize weigh and plan the life they want.


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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