The shortness of breath came before yesterday’s starting up of dialysis at a new center. Shortness of breath as an acronym is SOB or son of a bitch on e.r. whiteboard as I so so remember now 25 years now just before being fired from that! Job. I returned from anaheim and a national federation of the blinds national convention…i enjoyed the 151, visiting orange county mall, walking ng at midday at sea level and while that’s silly normal I couldn’t do that in Colorado blond hair blue eyed sunburned just thinking about going outside before this timeframe… Third degree burns crispy skin etc. Okay second if barely who cares weeks healing bad! And that disneyland was a trash heap dump outside unlike the tv but was $65 a day $12 a coke then and I made $400 a month then ouch! For …dump? No way! Anyways I return from smog and need albuterol to breath only to go get fired. Awwwwwww. I get to point out I was fired yet the reason why was over attendance issues previous to this vacation I had planned before I even interviewed into that place…and? They signed the time sheet verifying the issue I’m fired for in reasoning as I’m present on time and it’s verified by two parties…talk about learning to read between lines in the breadline! (I had unfortunately walked by a meeting high level! where we were losing someone…I got picked). ….or I got to be! That gone! With thee.

now for shrimp boil hope you can twinkle an eye as someTIMEs

Oh poo! And it’s all over my shoe

Life can be be some SCHLOCK but there’s nothing bad as poo on the shoe? Oh yes there is, and it’s dog plop on your sock. Ewwwww squishy poop that much closer than shoes to you.

And bergamot and black…earl grey

Shrimp boil is shrimp and potatoes cooked in a spicy broth if you’d call it that of old bay if I follow my teaching example which I can’t because he said liquid old bay and I don’t have time to special order it at double cost…i had to use powdered old bay…its not the same snappy spicy…not bad! Just not the same.

Shrimp boil

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Wheezey”

I’m having a day that needs a journal line or so that underlines why there is silver lined with blessing forward.
You’ve been about longer than some thanks
But you’ve been around some so it’s worth the exposition this disaster was toward 20% more an hour and duh differing challenges one being some you just gotta laugh that $338 in mom calling 900 numbers to argue billing leads to $774 dollar legitimate charges phone bills. Hahahaha! (Whhhat?!?!? Dang it followed another double dog dang it!) Yet that next job more than solidified why then I had the customer service phone center smile…of course it congealed as I aged…. I went face to face in people skills later which is a later head of memories. The lured comes with Mexican pizza ala Spinnaker’s restaurant of the early nineties cherry creek mall weird how I can get sears candy aisle photos from the 1930’s springfield illinois but I can’t get an old 1990’s food court picture? Weird exists but n my memory. Heh. But crisp not fry through hard crisp a tortilla, ranch dressing sauce, bacon (please cook the bacon!) Lettuce shaved and tomato slices. Which matters as presented if one chooses to substitute but not terribly ingredients that one couldn’t conscience for dietary or religious other strong reasons… I will glee if one tries…but it’s not really Mexican 😉 just like I can’t cry loudly enough about burrito can with…are you kidding me? Fries? Egads!

Or 25 years later I still have fun things to make. ;). Traceable datable markers around times. They’ll fade. Heheheh amnesia Lane! (Dead poets society)

Heheheh. Don bluthe an animator from the jungle book robinhood era which became 😉 bob newhart? (Rescuers) responsible for anastasia where. Christopher lloyd (taxi’s Jim and fresh! In our minds still as star trek 3’s evil klingon). If your catching my vibe, telegraphers, sometimes they’re weird fits. But this is where “on paper” appears, 😁 bluth did titan a e which seriously wasn’t that bad! But it so tanked 20th century fox animation… I want you to smile perhaps that’s one guy who so nearly saved us a generation of fox news 😉

Aww I laugh a dash at yesterday’s. As you may read in comments above, it came with a recipe and story… Like justin wilson… Not a total robbery! I’ll never forget the other scene didn’t have a pop topper and a gas meter isn’t the tool save for a busted bottle/split lip mess! Damn it… I’m quite glad as I was angry enough to beer on lunch at that place! A sign I needed change!!! I got it! Hahahaha. And other work. Just as I can’t effectively read now or lift well and coordination skills poorer again so I wonder where this now now 25 years later is leading opportunity towards hence that mention yesterday’s. But to drag sis to store walk mainly to relieve dad of boy
Mom ended up not being bones broke but having gout. Allopurinol if available with her pills can aid. I took it.

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