Saturday night ‘s alright for fighting

Elton john tune to bely the titular theme of today’s thoughts

I get a lot of astrological and or divination always warnings lately no not of the obvious of my current fortunes but of ‘watch out.’ (Read in the top of the yellow the grey tabs which are c’cast hexagram; hexagram lines; transformed hex; etc… the third tab – transformed hex – and you catch on or could.)

It’s a Modern scene
not Talking – staring at hands
What today might mean

The deadline of now
Looming adventures coming
Of Distance around

I think it’s time to pie.
I may today. I made the blackberry rice wine vinegar.
I see that momement once upon a way back when – reading ‘coor’s: a taste of the west’ second edition to discover the idea to captivate me through food a journey of ideas…

Because I expect this unlike the coors book is close at hand minus a recipe for pie crust

I wonder obviously- is the past consumed or consummating?

If I’m off the dead behind I’ll edit.

As I watch life’s little moment either way shape my day going by (like watching ones rug welcome pulled – another’s luck running ugly too of an expiring stay just having broken a leg and being sold a handful of brass stamped 18k— hint – it’s non magnetic and scratches folks! But it’s worthless nearly —another leaves to a new adventure of life working as I too am soon to mosey on my way to see if I’m a little bit forward myself )

(I’m not sure I’m not fighting or will in a way heh)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Saturday night ‘s alright for fighting”

BlackBerry ricevinegar brightened balsamic and became going away spaghetti for a friend to his new Hawaii and boat time job. I ate the last leftover and now to laundry and dishes. A future awaits both here and a lil tour of the bucket list of seeing as in within on the ground all fifty us states. Two more maybe! I miss my friend

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