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yellow cab tampa
Worked as a search for me! Now I have an Iberia fellow here at hostel as well.

Food: sundries. Walmart.

31.xx a night (airbnb/hostelworld booking.)

I got basics
Mini muffin pan – meatballs / mini quiches and muffins
A strainer for oil pack tuna/ making better bean soup.

Muffin mix banana nut double choc.
Fish breaded filets (fish tacos)
Turkey bacon (invited )
Chicken lunch meat (tonight for asparagus rollip)
Swiss though not my favorite they didn’t have havarti and pepperjack gets old.

Tomorrow sace mini cans one for stuffed peppers the other for calzone
Cream cheese for calzone / omelette Mac cheese
Mac cheese

Pause to cook:
Smoked paprika with a dash of all salt / paprikaed salt… chicken burger.

Jasmine rice –
This is rubbed then fills tomorrow becomes stuffed pepper when I’m back – so dippy slow cooks real food.

Corn starch
Curry powder
Smoked papricka

Jasmine rice

Ziplock gallon
Tubs x 4 lidded 2cup square ziplock storage

Black beans

Onion- purple
Trip color baby carrot ( not. A deal)
Tomatoes – Roma
Lettuce romaine heart
Red potato 3 ( stuffed likely Swiss )
Spring onion
Purple cabbage. Purple soup plus later purple pepper jack cheesed pasta.)
Green pepper stuffed plus omelette fix

Shrimp extra large peeled tail on deveined
(Purple soup with true color carrot spring onion corn starched broth filtered)

Paper towel

Taco soft flour
Asparagus frozen (prep faster right)
Half and half
Coconut decaf coffee ground

Garlic bread

Chicken split breasts (chicken filling -paprika)

Now this lot cost 140 which is 119.xx plus 20 cab it home here. This means a drink two it is 140/141 ish.

I can’t promise you you’ll love hostel/ shared living
But I can tell you there is 950 a month 11-9-17 cost is a major city Nola -quisby is the same… you

Hart around public transport 2 each way most times – they require a pay card for discounts (medical Age). Thus. 36 a day.

Is this it? No. Sometimes. You can work schedule checked 4 hrs a day pay your way via working … not garuntees folks. But this minus income is a stay. Thus. It is. Possible people and timing dependent… to swing a life from zilch.
Now to crumble my browning mince finish and wash pan the prep asparagus bake it as roll up s. 9-10 late but! My day.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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