I have on loan:

Frank Herbert’s DUNE


Previously finishing all I will bother with of

E.L. Doctorow’s COLLECTED STORIES (short stories)

Dave Eggar’s THE CIRCLE

David Mitchell’s CLOUD ATLAS

(doctorow got read more of if you keep count/score)

I’m suddenly dreaming not just of sugar substitue for oleo scchrum  but butter for butter cookies/hammantashen…. and PELMENI (always pelmeni, did i mention I like cabbage Pelmeni but despite the proper authentic cheese one? buh LICK! no to sweet cheese outside of shut it! Cheese cake danishes oh just hush it already!


I nearly made controlled b.p. cholesterol is acceptable/good .  I am thus 102 from my highest weight at 134 down this season 9 pounds and the rest of the news is minor slippage being in a way too good with the diet and pills and the water for the hot weather but not including the salt/sodium as my potassium level is BAD to begin with but further exascerbated by a general lessening of sodium….i.e. drink, whee and or sweat more water away it takes some salts with it.  this means I get to remind you that it isn’t just being good but balanced!  I survived making a lot of good choices and traveling about the country but obviously did far too good a job at saying NO. shame on me.  now note the cookie salvation/salivation and figure out which sugar plums metaphorically are dancing vision like in my head? 😉

just in case…

Hamentaschen and Mishloach Manos (Purim gift baskets)

and that pelmeni?

for those of you aware of reality, this means i’m more likely to suffer between taco bell vs wendy’s and taco bell being closer likely wins out over any of that salad nonsense 😉 heheh even if i want a toastada…shhhhh… I know such too is a salad…. or will i break down and sonic  for a corn dog? 😀

(yes, still librarying it about town)


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “meanderings”

Got a tostada the dollar menu pone but without. That spicy chipotle sauce… along with a chicken version of a burrito supreme so you can vegetarian sort of with your toastada and new dangled vegetarian with chicken. Then replaced my phone which is two pieces finally getting a smartphone. Text tospeach works oo neat

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