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come together

Smelling the Beatles’ allussion?  You should.  I’m going to mention georrge Martin, who was associated with the fab four.

George martin.  stumbled across Billy joel in the hey I wanna make a record…so do I travels.

I know this became a phil ramone production, not a Billy Joel with George Martin thing but

Billy Joel = Movin Out / Anthony’s Song

which is September of seventy seven


Al Stewart – Sirens of Titan

from seventy five.

oh gee surprise there’s a me anyways….which you can agree or not as you choose.  but come together?

Alan Parson’s aided in this production of Stewarts as Alan Also had a hand with the Beatles too  just in case you’d wonder why i’d use a beatles song title.

in case you forget Titan is one of Earth’s Solar system’s Saturn’s moons.


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6 responses to “come together

  1. Off topic: I believe in Rumford’s “Church of God the Utterly Indifferent” and believe we all need to “come together” since we’ve been invaded by a giant headed martian!
    Great music! ~~dru~~

  2. mcbery ⋅

    Titan looks beautiful. Oh no! A Martian. Maybe he will become our favorite Martian? 🙂 I know miracles happen. I’ve gotten sick feelings about hope and change in the last 8 years. Now I’ll take a wait and see. 🙂

  3. Cool! Good tunes, good pic!
    Now I hear Joe Cocker singing “Come Together” in the movie Across the Universe! 🙂
    If people don’t want to come together (using forgiveness, compromise, love, understanding, sharing, etc.), then people won’t come together.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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