I went to work a week early for working my friday 🙂 :S whoops that’s being too dedicated.  I chatted some and left.  

I went to mom’s why not free day.  I’ve already acheived a nap.  as I have fancified china teacups, tea time.  I selcted orange  spice to go with vanilla flavored non dairy creamer liquid….both being store brand 😉 skip skip skip!  it still turns out exactly like I expected like almost an orange caramel candy ummy. the other offering was twinnings’ irish breakfast tea…an assam but unlike the english or actualy sold to irish people teas such as barry’s gold in ireland which sucks as an iced tea hence the irish revulsion to us what you ice your tea?  foreigner we’ll spot you every time with the ice in the tea! or pgtips which is far milder… but neither  come close to a typical american tea offering which is practically bitter free.

I paid the last of my utilities water power and internet/tv which ammounts to my share of the rent sometimes a bit under. so I’m displaying what i’d hoped, being effectively a month ahead because of two days.  I’ll try to swing being an actual calender month ahead if I can this month but it’s the big push to pay all the high living down.  might as well be pinchy poor in the middle of winter so i can explode to my goals in springs/summer.

now to look up a sound bar/speaker set as I made all the cords of my all pretty 😀 and guess what now doesn’t work?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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