the myth of the phoenix bird is that it rises from the ashes of the death of the old reborn in the new.  consider how slang from ages reflects this – yo of the eighties for hello or hey you…not not much different than greetings of how bible books occasionally begin.  of course, leaving markings was a hobo jungle thing of the 1930’s and that became spray painted graffiti of our now.  gladiators of ancient rome share a kinship of modern sports champions of today too.  But I’m on the foodie thoughts so I’m thinking of old styles with timess ingredients becoming the the scene of our brave new world.

I live in a world where everyone knows hot dogs are the cheap soul’s sausage joy.  I’m disgusted entering mustards last stand and paying $4-$5 dollars for a simple hot dog.  I’m well aware of my public school youth and its pigs-in-a-blanket, which is a hot dog baked into its bun of bread dough.  I’m fairly sure the death of un-stylishness of something sounding old fails to convey the exciting new…never mind the hope we can “bring it back” nostalgic junk. let’s us set about turning the humble old reborn anew.

first, pigs in the blankets are again just simple bread dough with a hot dog in its middle rolled up to fully encase the meaty center and baked done.  the hot dog can be cheapest mix-a-match meat or upgraded to all this or that gourmet lips and assholes.  the bread needn’t be all-purpose flour boring or some similar white bread flour either.  we cant however forget that once “reborn” this dish must be clearly recognizable as a pig in the blanket.


this is not bad but not what I have in mind… mummies or properly “” dressed muslim girl.  but I must leave some idea up of what I’m rrambling about.

a bagel is bread dough boiled then baked to leave a truly chewy textured bread.  some say it is better from New York city with the right water and salt.  some say Montreal Quebec Canada has it sweeter boiling their bread in honey water.  and a prezle is also similar to a bagel only of a far more christian presentation of not one god of the bagel-alpha and omega beginning and end circle…to be a holes, three for the father-son-holy ghost, thing.  but the point is the way to get chewy and soft by boiling then baking. now the shape is important too as I must have a cigar-esque encasement  and this is difficult with old fashioned pans.  the solutions to shape is silicone pans where the circularity is ensured at nearly every sandwich shop by the silicone shaped pan.{keyword}&gclid=CO-pyOvR3oCFaUWMgodzyEAHQ

the above lin andk isn’t silly or silicone but a shaped aluminum pan but the idea remains the same – if the shape is consistant we have neat food that is also tasty.

these two options are closer to what I can afford and have in mind.

but ultimately I probably have to conside a custom made pan as II’m not keen on the flat bottom of the last two options or even the first but I do not need the size of the subway sandwich or other custom fresh baked roll shops type pan as I don’t want to source bologna sized lunch/snack. but the joy is that a  is mostly round and on a pan of the flatness…. hmn I may not need a fancy pan afterall.


pretzle or bagel?  I think bagel is better as I’ve never had any non white pretzel… oky now bagel has the white or the simple with a crust/chewiness or multi grain option.  


what kind of center  I think I like the turkey do and or all beef franks/s and the bison and or all beef dogs.


how sized? I’m thinking some 1/4 pound sized dog not because I want to over feed myself as I don’t but I need the puff to be able to hold fixings and that is hard with 2 oz sized franks.



and voila, it’s already done, 3-4 years dead as ideas go.  ever feel the joy that is drowned kittens in a bucket?  this is the example of a still birth idea.