Fowl / foul Whining.

Boin’n’bag Pouching.

Shall I Cook for thee the dinner – poached fowl.

t’aint o’er cooked ever as Maillard ‘s absent

rar’st white innocence ’bout the texture JOWL.

sous vide is as the spam on the croissant

from the englishman now’s Roanne’s moanin.


okay, so I felt like whining about what I grow more afraid to try…. cooking sous vide.  so in proper fashion I’ll just make fun of it. 😀


I wussed out buying dishes at the Kmart and then spent the exact same sum at the supermarket… what a dork I can be…but well fed.  and why yes, I am after some Carlo Rossi Moscotta… in a plastic solo cup.  does it hurt enough yet, Monkey?

the picture that compresses the entire lack of stylishness for this mood is as follows

it comes with a warning to click carefully.

derived from a search for “fat” people in “spandex”…a not so horrible picture really, but a caption that turns milk sour.