hot potato

yes, of course i made more potato soup.  for those who follow me in facebook / face/palm land, it’s pictured.

the recipe is 1.88 potato on sale, yellow flesh 5lbs peeled

canadian bacon 12oz lump 4.54 diced

applewood smoked provolone 5.99 8oz

kroger half and half cream 8oz probably 1.99

celery .99 cents one bunch

baby carrots 99 cents yet I needed only a third of the bag

1/8 cup soy – I forget how much probably was 4.69 a liter and is thus 20 cents worth

purple/red onion medium peeled and quatered later flaked apart 92 cents

butter 3,49 unsalted, 1 stick of 4 87 cents

1 head garlic  50 cents peeled mince 

1/4 cup olive oil  6.49 32 oz ~1.65

1 can beer, moosehead ~1.10

salt ~2 tblespoons sea salt 3.49 2lbs. 20 cents if that

now this is roughly 45% sodium intake per “small bowl” salt lick yummy stuff.  I also am low on insulin sensitivity again so this stuff is also as fattening as possible still  a nap in the making carbtastic thrill.  yes, I see no reason to ever lie to you that soup essentially means high blood pressure and or weight gain.  salt does that.  but aside from the doom and gloom, it’s damn fine soup.

the name is naughty as it’s officially Jarrod’s soup even if I’m   kind he did more of the work at it than I did.  jarrod, ozial mitch brother dutch and I live here.  I know I fool no one as all the shopping and choices mine. the prep over half his, dishes to do his/house, but the pictures taken of the cooking/cook are me.  you get the idea.  

the name is at least amusing.  t time it was gouda potato and now it’s pcp…pro canadian potato… provolone, canadian bacon potato soup. the haha of an angel dust reference …

ultimately I’m pissed I can whip the shit out of the original reference memory of the cafe at Fitzgerald’s casino Blackhawk Colo. potato leek soup…but the pissed part is I can not duplicate it.

I’ve a similar problem with duplicating popeye’s (fried chicken, fast food) red beans and rice.  I c’t yet whip or duplicate their recipe though.


I really came on to ramble.  the above is where any semblance to a point ends and my joy begin.

I laughed today posting pictures as I pulled the batch from my phone and of course couldn’t see the icons clearly so included first a picture of dog mess….always a way to display your pride in food with the outcome.




Iwrite a delightfully good evocative poem/parody to a song and the only thing I seem to be get is sympathy…. lol  here’s a tissue Josh, I’m sorry you poemed good.

I tried complaining to the airline about a bummer experience…even the website just didn’t have the patience for my negative vibe.

I tell my boss I didn’t get to take a vacation I paid for so I get to work the whole weekend through.  now the funny part is this is likely more of a blessing…but please understand here I am 2nd week in a row starting the week with poor rest and just when I try to escape the place I get roped into a double punishment feeling gift of work to maybe recover financially from losing 

speaking of weirdness,  okay I went out booking a trip and the universe so ordains I get to be moral because it was a trip hopefully to get lucky yet not a single person planned to be visited was actually single – yet even in utter ruin of travel plans I did have as I said the closest to getting any of the year. figures I get to enjoy the closeness not actual entire win as kidney issues love to point out beer and them equal only a sad sad tail not told on.


just in time for all of this going mostly right and believe me it is the wrongs are glaring but my life’s going kinda nice… I hear I may get to work forever if only at reduced rates of hours.  just in time for the last place I want to be is work and the only point of the damn job was to chase the gal the universe oh oopses me critical failure to show.  I don’t joke, that was my simple minded hope job whatever anything to getclojob the booking and the fucked by the univ  I erse/airline into a joy far closer to home

in short, I still feel like I’m getting screwed but at least this year showed me a shot at being used too.