pieces falling into ….pleaces?

fifty oh four that’s what it costs and here’s what that :

4lbs pork roast.sirloin vaccuum wrapped

lbs chicken split breasts which is 3 piecesw

1 lbs fancy name hamburger which is 80/20 

1 packet hot taco seasoning

1 packet knorr vegetable soup mix

1 pappy’s sassafras liquid concentrate for 1 gallon

1 pound unsalted butter

2lbs sour cream

2lb block pepperjack cheese

2 lbs roma tomatoes.

2 pack of 12 flour soft shell flour tortillas for tacos

1 box ten stand and stuff taco shells crunchy.

1 bag 9oz discount sourcream and cheddar wavy chips.

1 3oz prepared chili seasoning. mild.

3 cans tuna oil

1 half loaf pumpernickel/swirl rye.


3 snickers 



now I have lttuce mayonaise cheese tostada shells beans spread hot sauce or in short more than one meal besides which and lots ofthus easycupboard pouching.

I don’t have milk and potatoes lunch meat and such.

or in short there is technically 6,4,6,4 – 6 6 easily 10 days one portion food in my larders. or more than enough to last into next check.

I know this is painstakingly dul information but,

I have the properly seasoned adobada pork tacos, crunchy typical tacos, bean tostadas, chicken tacos, tuna noodle casserole tuna salad sandwiches, roasted pork sandwiches,  effs with tomato/cheese, purple pepperjack pasta which you’ve not heard of from me in 7 years, 

if I milk it I’ll likely p andham up some scxalloped potatoes, mushroom and thus canibalized my green beans for homemade green bean casserole.  this as i expect to be stuck on my “own” fo turkey day is carryable to find a place that’ll have me.   or big pig out on the good stuff. 

this leaves me not a cent to go out thursday as is planned, which e resolvable, but I’m thinking fuck no as I wish to mirthday week.  and be paid close if not in full prior to the month’s opener – minus of course the hope it doesn’t come to it split of another two not one portions rent…but I’m just planning on not being surprised. and not having to be let down.

this gives the shot to owe only one source at low double be a month ahead versus behind on every bill I have…. orr be a month ahead of last year.  woot.