per specks tive

there is a plastic bag between me and my computer and a suspicion orange smudge near me on the couch.  the dog puked hisself silly laone not a regular rider is off to shop but trying to get on the right st evening not feeling right til my computer landed in it.  it really is kinda symbolic of my day anyway yesterday.

I leave early, the bus is not early but late…andan error of route has us taking the go around the block… I miss my train and am officially late to work.  the one rider needs a trai…n and doesn’t know the city and didn’t bring the paper with the route directions for security.  the next rider is on about how her parents adopted her 9 yr old ..when you aren’t done in life I guess you aren’t done.  I’m late mind you and …  still thinking about ho  but as I say if I work it’s to improve me being useful and the money is a bonusw .  but to know upfront that the boss is on a rampage perhaps and watching today really just isn’t a helpful thought. even had a productive visits afternoonthe only thing I asked for was tossed in my face that I’m not pulling my weight and Its making her grumpy.    I do not need the jo  I get my activity going on time so that’s good Ib and it has gotten me ahead pinchy ahead as I put the brakes on over enjoying and thus counting on work not already worked but I am ahead..  it’s 8:18am and I have to be out at 9:05 but should aim for 8:40am for the obvious reasons of yesterday 

to know that boss is the ma.d.  manager on duty mad heheheh and watching is less than pleasant a prospect but let’s us just see it could be a glitch and thus I must balance that desire to be left alone/congratulated or tore apart because now facing audit is the time to be henpecked to death or I wont have a job after inspection possibly…. do not think for one instant inspections say anything about caring attitude  yet slovely attention to required care regulations 😉  a simple nametag is enough to start a negative inspection and less friendliness to details all involving opinion/judgement to cost me the gold goose…a decent paying job… it wouldn’t even be my details either  as shit can run down hill cy a c y A  cover your ahhh …bottom

I have a date after work no cash. 


  🙂  no time much either.  heh.