did you get my message

boss called asking this blog’s title’s question- did I get my message?  no I took a nap after the beer breakfast directly in the ten to twelve am hours because all I care about is being reading to rush in and by ten I don’t have to go.  it’s MY time.  lol all this defensiveness!

in reality I was relieved to hear from boss because aside from the dig I took a nap on my day off and at ten to tweve I was unaware of who called then til nearlky four..  it always must appear my fault.  it isn’t.  but to cut this story shorter, I’m not fired nore to terribly close and that’s all I care about.

I’m laughing as I’m now far ahead on my almondcoffeedies marichino site vs. the Xanga site.  versus the paid site with more potentials.   I’m fairly hammered and it’s my fault but you may wish to note that it’s woodford reserve this Monday night as whiskey sours….courtesy of mr and mrs t’s sweet and sour mix the whikeyu and some cherries marichino and that syrup.

my drinks contain sugar as I like mine sweet mr buddy71 of the original Xanga.  but I hope you enjoyed your birthday anyways….. I’m coming up 2nd day of December.  I’m 39 this year coming.  you should see@ wha I have for a work year thing.!


I’m hammered I’m also tired so whickey sours

Whiskey Sours:

mr and mrs T’s Sweet and SOUR mix.

Whiskey: Woodford Reserve Warm nail polish at 32 plus tax a 750ml. bottle with cork.

depending on stocks sugar and agave syrup.

Marischino cherries and syrup.

= pour whiskey then sour mix and a dask of sugary agave syryup… if using cane sugar, pour that first. and stir.

pour sour mix,  the syup over ice. and a dash of cherry syrup and those chrries.


with ice