Shuffleboard league

Second week Of shuffleboard league is I score each game! (7) heh.

Otherwise dietary notation goal has been kept consistently for a week plus.

Helped with the ‘rockpile’ work I had scheduled the day off – wheee rockpile! (Thankfully no splat)

Boss fell in the spa (no horrible lingering… there yay)
Cleaning with bleach means I swear I absorbb it… remind me that I bought gloves.



A little divination! To say????
As usual
Nothing really?

Links reviewing concepts keystone

Concrete tile
Firstly inexpensive perhaps?
No not really-
Or at least necessarily
Bob vila on Floridian roofing
Covering impact resistance also the mechanical change from mortar to mechanical fastening.

Geothermal heat pump as part of retrofit and new construction showing shallow
And other most efficient installations.
Climate master vs generic concept

Nuking hurricanes!
Okay, dumb if not dangerous!

Deltic prefab homes
Not because I actually care but circular is better and part of inherent choices in stabilized earth construction- a vastly differing technique

Lessons on first- a facia wall covering a stabilized earth home is to be better thought out considering

This covers two coneceptual issues
Lot/land and new versus existingng and if so how much

I need ‘city’ life and yet massive control as I can hand rent feel but not invested with costly uncertain maintenance

But covering my originating dream of build block up is not my need just covering enough to live

Now I can begin to better parse stick vs neo mudhut.

I can block projects within my flagging abilities as a human to manage within some better incite of how much more I can versus being constrained to one dream

Now to pulling in the recycling – I’ve a year to go it seems but each little step! (And only the dream it could be)

13th dream

I have said my peace
I blead as your heart sang yours
White left after grease

Today is dad’s day – full of bbq and or other joys. It’s nice 13 pass since mine passed yet a new one arrived to keep the bbq reasons alive. Of course I’ve zilch notions bbq. Tad tired to even latke like I should.

Stir a cloud across you coffee or tea if you’re daring. Dream with me over my banana of what I should be doing and or you too. Weeding the laneway- oo lets organize the boot! Oil the hinges then mop the baseboards because we just know it needs doing and we made it a further foulness… then spray the kicks and of course pick the grime of our nails and step to that yard dookie/duty. Nothing is sexier than being seen with a broom. Of course you know this is a ha har of a huge lie! pAR-ty.

Where’s the beer? Oh Satan help me with a slab of ribs. Salad? Sure how about a heap of potato? (That green rabbit food is for the birds. ).

Well – it’s to mass soon, but first some sabbath love – I don’t mean Black Sabbath nor Motörhead- nor work no no no! Day of REST! I mean lovvvve. 😁. The day doesn’t do itself yet it doesn’t have to be w.o.r.k.

Then Mr. Rogers neighborhood at a theater to remember a time.

And flee from Satan too – I mean like I gotta diet! Wheeeee! (Splat)

And find smiles anyways as I just have. Baby pictures for pram-itis!!! Healthy eating and lovvvvvve awwwwwww (there’s surely a rude noise… never you mind what you think I said!)

Skritchy Scrawl

Paper ‘n’ Iron
(Iron and paper)
For when it speak(ers) it to your ears yet epiphany is otherwise wordless

I’m wondering in sometimes sunshine why I’m not well over over neck deep in the rain possible (I live in Tampa Florida – there is a storm blocked by a little band of cross currents winds from being thoroughly up my nose). I’m not so sure this is not a time to to blasphemously responsible forthe entirety of grand dry fortunes ;). Otherwise I’ve had quite enough of the wet blanket worries (beach no bleach that blanket BINGO!) over hopes for the future.

I sat up – a party of myself- chasing dawn.

Even sleeping on it brought me no new answer.

KNock On Wood

Go on, Smile up
Stare the whale in the eye
Try anyway, pup

Appliance maintenance began with a mid project chat (job interview #2 this week) at work for wallet fattening scheduling. I hear joy in some moments truly yay as they stab me through the heart proving I’m one step further forever hosed and yet? Smile up. It’s not likely any home run movement but many a whack at it (life) to run just maybe gaining the supposed prize. Yes I watched baseball if you can’t tell- much grass grew. And, if I can’t share joy – awwwwwww what a bummer I’d be! But oh yeah, that moment the ball is in play- CRACK! Comes the thought back as it’s towards the stars and the dream in flight far far farther itty bitty now the dream. (Ball). And oh heh!

There’s soft scrub for the stains and baked in bits. There’s oven it better than the self clean ash not quite all but now can be. There’s steel wool for the bottom to scrub up bright. There’s ammonia to make fridge funk less a slime on the eating right. But most of all? There’s being in the way a bit to make next days magically easier. To fight the hunk of now. To win both today’s and tomorrow. To wonder what feng Shui chats make it work out the right way. To let go enough to allow hope to thrive.

Now the joy isn’t a dopamine rush of a gold nugget- no! The hope is to push the edges back enough to brighten in seratinin’s confidence it’s a good step to lighten if temporarily the way. As I can put in some! Or?

A lil Casablanca cacophony’s click –