I watched .ore than expected of the vice presidential debate. I enjoyed my bath and my root beer float.


Twice and ‘Flix

I’ve some french show on at mom’s I get to poach twix snackies on my way in or out. In a simple pic, I see the fight is for all the marbles. I’m due in for covid and schedule at new joint…plod plod.plod

My cat sipping 😉 weekend over -buffet-villefloats away with the mango mix winning. Though watching Bayless and daughter on the right margaritas was true it’s far better adding a sugar balance be it share honey or agave…I had honey. I remember joyful smirk of the ungodly then $10 a pick a cheap margaritas at the six flags elitch gardens. Ahhh to float better in my chair. by way of reference a rum and coke at cirque de sole was $18 in ’19 if you date my memory.

Short scan is 27.12 hz showing some biofeedback… 440hz is my school orchestral tuning “A” in an octive ‘8’ note range or 440/220/110/55/27.5 27.12/54.25/109/218/436 or a-flat. Deep bass a-flat….

cancer remediation via sounds with sound example.

Kinda like FAMILY FEUD

Facebook pal. Wants to play THE FEUD! If you do too, gimme different answers!

Name something people hate to find on their windshield
Parking ticket

Name something a man might buy before going on a date

Name something you cook in a microwave

Name something you’d find in an old man’s wallet
Children’s pictures

Name something likely always in the fridge

Name something you might find in grandma’s purse
A hankerkchief

Name a fruit that isn’t round

Name a common favorite number

Name something you put on a Christmas Tree
Candy canes

Name something you find in a automobile glove compartments


Yellow Dirt Road

I’m off to see the Wizard!, The wonderful Wizard of Oz…. 🎶

My mission today is finish up the scrub the rings off stove’s glass type top. I get tired so now add can’t see to this and anyone else can spot what I miss a mile away instantly so I tend if gonna bother to try to leave the chance to do it freshly twice! So I very close check I get more details right. Finish dishes as I used 5 items had 13 not including table service. Then after store visit upping my food I like eating! I’ll have scrubbiest to attack a grimey bathtub I did this slow many scrubbiest an inch process of de-grime before in the green whatever now something else boarding house stay. I should have time as tomorrow is laundry and Sunday I count useless to that kind of tasks. Why ? I doubt I’m owed in the specific persons sense. I know better than to think that it’s quick the gifts grime getting associated with me even if I didn’t do it. And frankly lately I need! Friends hahaha so a little bus toss your house needed help hahaha and me not without a challenge I’ve time for 3hours divided over 10-12! I could nap and get drunk and still manage!