Coat Tails Dragging.

gimme you ….stuff…. interesting way to start my morning and any new facebook friends relationship. I chose selfcare and being alone for now πŸ˜‰ talk about as exciting as a minivan for the racetrack of life! everytime I spend more than an hour chatting with one of my old work pals, I seem to get the coat tails dragging up more ….exciting….peoples and all the security I see I’ve employed but perhaps she hasn’t. I’m not afraid of the sex for a price party crowd. I’m not afraid of the neferious business oppurtunist either. I’m not highly keen to spend much time with them as duh, I haven’t any std’s or wishes to suddenly be lessened financially.


Chinese Nutritional Plots

I was looking up lions mane mushrooms aka brain fixer fritters on my other site which touches upon the Chinese notion we are responsible through each meal for our live’s long or shortened. I’m myself far more interested in Blue Oyster Mushrrooms.

I’d have to grow the boogers. the I’d have to sus what to do about consuming them. I live where the reality is I’ve common family friends here and a need not to spend money I don’t have anyways and remember to live well within where I do for now …so. hors douvres.

bite sized mushroom swiss burgers. I am intrigued by beyond meats and impossible burger and the way into this as a vegetarian option as I lived with my Uncles a time and he really hit one out of the park with a fields of grain vegetarian lasagna!…or I’m not against trying alternatives. or I could gourmet with them as bison burger bites and find something other than boring Swiss and notch it up cheese wise heck a Havarti full of holes is that already.

the other option that built this muse is oysters Rockefeller via allrecipes twist I retwist as duh, I’m thinking oyster mushrooms. now I currently have no idea how to mimic a shell when I’ve removed such critter from the mix. but saag paneer isn’t a hard concept nor is au gratin-ed seafood. but hmn a ramekin like a sea shell… might be a minor sourcing hassle.

musing my hands too at cookery and game night where It’s not a requirement I serve a meal.


dystopian or daaling?

odd that it’s available as a full free movie. outland. with sean connery as the marshal whom must fight drugs entering his world.

above is a bit of etymology upon the phrase, ” getting all dolled up” so one feeeeeels the impact of this pun πŸ˜€

by clicking into that link you’ll see some veggie love as christmas wrapping paper…. and the pun… getting all DAALED/dolled up


Rainbow Stew

I had a dead phone so a bunch of my usual your de internet was halted …


pita making, israeli salad, mango chutney all in case you ain’t got something close to source


More leftovers of the linkage

Burnt wood
Shou sugi ban

Scroll to purple dripping sunflower
3rd or so row
Dye examples sunflower via hopi black

Dying with hopi black

Dyed hopi basketry

Black hopi basket

Dying but all the natural colors when I wanted black

Diy stain
Differences water-base, alcohol and oil-based


king me

the post office is at the second closest king soopers to me or shall i say just about the corner. here ends the year of silence as in anniversaries awful of my days as sometimes occurs and begins next year year’s planning cycles sign up. I can’t say I’m fully healed of the hopes dashed as they were but I can say I can find joy in the whispers memories. I can’t say i understand why it wasn’t to be as I’m just as valueable now as then in what was offered to entice. I can’t say I unsterstand yet I can say I wander a bit still lost to the exacting directions meaning clicking of a life purpose discarded as sought then but it’s a dash fun musing gagiain.

I’ve looked up turkish delights. nothing preventing me from cornstarching up some sugar. lately I crave lemon verbena type lemon flavor and likely am also on my way to a lemon merigue pie which also sounds delightful.

I’mdue to make mini meatballs if I can spot where I put my mini muffin tin. I’m thinking simpler again but with a dash of merlot in them or a dark red at least. garlic powder onion oomphs and I really did get a great result with chive in milk to make them remain plumped as milk dries things but a little dry for the sake of plump texture is yummy meatballs mmmm

I gotta change address with talking books monday and or start it today for monday. only if i change the address address. and then insurance. hassssssssel.

Iam enjoying the tea but not the no sugar for it so I should dream turkish delights even if I only shanghai some free sugar packets on my strols πŸ˜€

I’m done being too spiritually jazzed on the pie safe when I costed the out the tool and prep cost against the length of time it takes to achieve that currently minus covid cash 2 coming and yet I’m not done wasn’t things just gun shy of wasted means on dreams 0 you can understand why that theme is present lol. however I’m not done for another reason. it matters little if I’m not rembrandt and or this doesn’t turn out like tv dreams or magazines, as theres infinite use in getting me tools so I don’t fail projects for lack of tools. such is the whole damn point of life having some tool or close to achieve. just as I’m not making turkish delights yet or the forever pal hasn’t decided to stay just yet or I may or may not make meatballs when I live with a school trained chef who unlike me has energy for cookery… i mean I may not have plugged back in believing in life but there are many things needing doing and may get me there

I’m really not sure on how to sort the no employment skills of yesteryear now into something more dough. I mean in a way it’s a little adventure musing as I mill about a little towards a life I want.


The Becoming Purple Pie Safe

Pardon me if I garble text as I didn’t charge my phone…. this chromebook sucks balls to type on with my heavy handed ways. Oh and it’s veral diarrea of my excitements for you as I did the research of links info and thus quickie illustratives….so hmph.

I’m curious about upping my I’m over fourty game to include furniture I want to live using. I need a lockable cabinet as I currently live with a curious two year old and want breakable things. I mentioned I’d watched Norm Abrams in my days of his New Yankee Wrkshop and saw him between this and This Old House make a punched tin Pie Safe. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t Roy Underhill’s hand tools only, The Woodwringht’s Shop.

I started looking into Sunflowers so as to a: kinda play on my sister’s love of the things and to have a not pineapple design to punch on the imagined first tin panels of the cabinet.. I then found it’s a Hopi Black Dye. Hopi is an indian or I should these day’s say, Native American Peoples whom had some pretty elaborate cliff dwellings in the cortez area of south Eastern Colorado USA. The black isn’t always very black or very purple intense…but it is a purple pigment I looked up how to make that pigment more vibrant as a wood stain and it can be achieved via oil based stain compositions alcohol based stains but crappily via water based stains. motherearth on the stains I think.

I thus saw I can utilize a wicker backet tray/drawer versus a wooden box draw. Iwas shown the light of light constructruction anywhere possible!.

I figured on reclaimed pine as I know it’s likely pinewood the building which is an ore sorting house still on site of the north london mine, park city although defunct as a city just under the highpoint of the mosquito pass between Fairplay Colorado and it’s southpark, a tourist town of park city and a rude cartoon of yesteryears southpark, and Alma Colorado. this orehouse began operations in the early turn of the century and is over hundred years old. it’s probably illegal to poach a board or two souvenigner from here but it’d come with that wisp of history.

I’m limited to simple tools to both limit the merciless destruction they can do. I’m too shaky handed to use a dremil which I saw my once roommate enjoy three trips to the hospital for stitches utilizing and me a war zone of blood everywhere to clean up. I’m too blind to use a slightly safer router. and as I mentioned, I’ve a two year old to be aware might be all excitement to be a part of the project, so while I can measure and cut with smaller circular saws, I’d prefer the slower and safer jig saw which, cutting stick slices of wood and gluing those together and an belt sander setup can re plane the reconstructed boards to a uniform size atop making them a bit easier to get into presenting final finishes. I mean it’s just slices clamps and glue. wait forever and then measure like any lumber to the project requirements and cut and cobble. the responsible of you would think that a switch operated trigger vroom vrroom is sexy exciting danger for a two year old versus the sewing machine chugging up and down of a small but open jigsaw wow put your hand on it blade…or I’m still begging troubles…. but while I’ve limited vision being legally blind, I have a damn chance to keep the potential little suicide from hurting himself and yet having not the appoplexy I see him during project time….or have so many rules that I make fun disappear…. also, I’m quite tired these days and have limited shall we really say crap for skils wood shop. how do I make it happen visualized from step one to completed but pretty and lazy project? how do I buy the least in tools yet manage a project? a belt sander isn’t a planer and is with stands about a hundred bucks. it’s 4 inches or so in width more than enough for maximum intended board sizes. versus a planer that’s about five to ten times the cost. pipe and other clamps aren’t free but about another hundred and a jigsaw again the same. it’s about another hundred in gas and snacks to fairplay area for a poaching mission πŸ˜‰ I’d like to remind you I began the year thinking here as a poach rocks from the display of waste and such ore rock there on site for my gold panning adventure phase that didn’t here occur…. but being clear about how to achieve what I want is but a reciprocating batter operated saw away from fairly swiftly poach and going.

growing a patch of double drip purple black hopi giant sunflowers for a purple pigment to finish this project is a season of fun. I’ve never a memory complete of making sunflower seeds as in harvesting them soaking them in saltwater brine and oven roasting them. I have done this many times with pumpkins and or butternut squash. and knowing I’m limited in the word of tools but have to have a variety to say screw a cabinet together just ups myhave to have tools again yet a outcome of a homespun cabinet I can not afford to buy and geez in my price ranges everything is sawdust blow on it and watch it break cheap!.

I remember a lifetime of watching people put down paper to make ucky cabiets pretty and on the cheap. so it’s not surprising I found a dye that’s hmn like ink for simple sunflower seed hull wallpaper with a black and white stripes motif to my cabinet linings? probably far beyond my meager talents to make hand made paper into usable wallpaper but it’s amusing a thought. I may at five hundred not including basic about the house tools I know are another 250, do any of this as I’m seven hudred fifty in to a project not begun and that’s more than a month of me in a room my rent expected not me with a two bedroom apaprtment which in this town is about sixteen hundred to two thousand a month usd for cheap versions nothing luxurious…and remember while i have to move and share on my bankrupted chasing that last lass, I must remember it’s cruel this world but I must have a shot our home as in not shared space, and I may have seemingly zero help getting this i can support my hope of a forever mate simply not interested in excuses or making MY life for me but supporting HER. or i can’t just go grazy buying project fun within being supported by others through my bankruptcy hoping after another who as usual had other choices chosen….awwwww. but so you see, the weighing of safety costs legality like I care very much πŸ˜‰ as asking permission often means just answer it yourself no…as you watch others not ask and get. or Iwas that care that it costs our choices, and watched without hope now that asking means getting an answer….as an old joke goes, if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it! yet only a fool doesn’t visualize weigh and plan the life they want.



The Other

The other me.


Chapped pen / wanh, I don’t want to move

An autumnal scene
My eyes swimming in colored leaves
Alive in decay

Weatherman weatherman, why’d you say Cold
It’s my, it’s my day off and, I can be sold
On how to spin rum not gin with berries
So long as I walk but ‘run’ to market and get and carry
Island dacquiri thoughts to lull

And now to my pills! Pastes!
And that hair brush straightening
Man! Rather coffee chased

Mom hospital’s with boo boo
Hopefully they’ve answers, those gurus
Careful you’ve thick bones
Rrgh the hassels alone
Hope It’s just a check-through

I must pull that ‘trigger’
Act forward my world bigger
Get WiFi login, rum running
Pill-popping, and pasting my chompers things
And cup with its saucer spot ring

What do I want, tea
Coffee lately makes me high
Wanh, time for moving…

I’ve popcornball treat research tween dacquiries running and then launnnnnnnndry. Kiddo might enjoy stroller weather not cooperate suddenly.

Black flavors

Licorice – recipient disdains

Myers rum (dark) ((expect it turns out but other rah rah raiders soul quit drinking so probably disdains a straight booze flavor even if it’s booze free))

Dark chocolate

(your ideas, in comments?)


Typically concord grape

(your ideas in comments that aren’t clamshell chalk or eggplant or purple carrot)

Meshing purple to a gold as butterscotch to grape sounds really gross



The shortness of breath came before yesterday’s starting up of dialysis at a new center. Shortness of breath as an acronym is SOB or son of a bitch on e.r. whiteboard as I so so remember now 25 years now just before being fired from that! Job. I returned from anaheim and a national federation of the blinds national convention…i enjoyed the 151, visiting orange county mall, walking ng at midday at sea level and while that’s silly normal I couldn’t do that in Colorado blond hair blue eyed sunburned just thinking about going outside before this timeframe… Third degree burns crispy skin etc. Okay second if barely who cares weeks healing bad! And that disneyland was a trash heap dump outside unlike the tv but was $65 a day $12 a coke then and I made $400 a month then ouch! For …dump? No way! Anyways I return from smog and need albuterol to breath only to go get fired. Awwwwwww. I get to point out I was fired yet the reason why was over attendance issues previous to this vacation I had planned before I even interviewed into that place…and? They signed the time sheet verifying the issue I’m fired for in reasoning as I’m present on time and it’s verified by two parties…talk about learning to read between lines in the breadline! (I had unfortunately walked by a meeting high level! where we were losing someone…I got picked). ….or I got to be! That gone! With thee.

now for shrimp boil hope you can twinkle an eye as someTIMEs

Oh poo! And it’s all over my shoe

Life can be be some SCHLOCK but there’s nothing bad as poo on the shoe? Oh yes there is, and it’s dog plop on your sock. Ewwwww squishy poop that much closer than shoes to you.

And bergamot and black…earl grey

Shrimp boil is shrimp and potatoes cooked in a spicy broth if you’d call it that of old bay if I follow my teaching example which I can’t because he said liquid old bay and I don’t have time to special order it at double cost…i had to use powdered old bay…its not the same snappy spicy…not bad! Just not the same.

Shrimp boil


Uh oh! Scrapings coffees but it’s mostly flavored joe! Vanilla macadamia nut a whisper of ethiopian (supposedly “lemony” in a taste of lemon rinds within both your historic rift valley rindy coffees – kenyan as might have that lemon rindy but with a blackberries feel with it, a rwandan might be orange rind-y, a TRUE mocha might like ethiopian might be a different but similar lemon rind-y… Just in case you ain’t blown your year’s lunch money on coffee or lived with the eager starbucks employee) annnd that’s one fifth a pot’s worth so oh scariness that I really blend now with nope peppermint mocha (reason is it’s a kalauh) won’t do… Cherries Jubilee!!! Now here’s a rare moment were I drink my creation without the milk/whitener (there’s a lousy privilege of a current word blick blick) and sweateners. Because you can feel if you win tasting those undertones even if you know that alll flavoring require the additional adulterants. Oddly I can still taste the light nut it cuts out the kirschwasser or brandied cherries alcohol base type taste icky! No I don’t like vodka cherry. And in general, yay! Coffee!! but more so I’m not making other noises about the home two days going.