the past passes away. Sean Connery left on halloween just as a generation before’s Harry Houdini. I’m still thinking of the current thankful obsessions collections to even chinese restaurant menus to prove something as simple not of a beginning of somethings but that of the first documentables proofs of things begun…. like I ador chicken Tikka Masala but it it’s Bangledeshi most likely Originating in the UK versus anywhere “Indian Subscontinent” and thus you’ve my brainwaves this moment from visions of the world to that of the best in cinematic imaginations…none of which are really necessarily true…. Just as a favorite moment in Literature for me was Philip Kimball’s “Liar’s Moon” a long story…. I remember feeling happy I had understood more of it as it was written in a style that allowed utter lies to be a part of what I had just colleged up to the bullshit of Oral History versus that of a time before’s if it isn’t written, It DOESN”T count. wellproof is a dash hard to come by and which opinion sure will color things! I thus add to this overwrought paragraph the notions of the futures coming via divinations… I’m a sagittarian by zodiac’s WEST and my coming futures says I may not have a reversal of actual fortunes well into may of twenty-one – yet here it’s coming november and I’m likely perhaps to go even further back supposedly in fortunes all of which are designed in a seeming way to say I can trust in GOD more or inn the constructs of those less divine out there controlling… being able to realize or suss liff isn’t all rosey nice yet it’s a joy to toss our opinion or voice in this and yet in a way it never does matter…shh I don’t mean I’m not or you aren’t precious, but ugly can cometh our way…babylon can concur jerusalem and import israel into the iran of our now but it wasn’t then….or my freedom is actually upon me to love out loud even if i so far got only the darknesses as gifts and I’m even in a way right that such is a madate of our lives yes but it’s sstill a choice. so as this goober thinks homes, independance anda life of affirmation within my influence…justice of a sort of I can be good and have good come back to me?… well just imagine that the blast the dieties moment in progress is that line of fortune saying I would win sasound the crow’s nevermore of the gods joking with me…and I suppose i can have some apple pie breakfast too.y a chance to laugh again holding their hand…. and that most likely nothing actually changes but the whatever complaint fades into other living. thus maintinances are to slog toil to my morning meds…hold myself currently sick and bankrupt but no less a voice of hope right now a dash scattered as I seem the meaning faded….to revel in life possible coming or not heheheh …. like apple pie breakfast?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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if I can wake back up, I”ve two as in nephewdifferent bit of scenery πŸ˜€ no not an owie. hugs. odd mr connery went on halloween for us but in reality all souls.
to yayayayayaaa with. sleepy… so sleepy a misstep fall over clonk didn’t really do more than provide a

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