Shoping Some More

spendy Pens. above also has inks. in passing contrary to my I like purple phase I like the grey and then amaranth inks. but how I got here isn’t spendy pens in general but so pretty spectacular artsy pens.

Really spendy pens.

I like the fun of that. a tri-ette, a pun to be sure 😉 I briefly got a chance to converse with mr Nevue in the era this concert piece came about. nice fellow. I’m lucky to have met him via facebook. joe b. hadn’t heard before but david lanz I have and thus, picking out who’s who wasn’t a challenge for me

today in food was a return to joyous old haunt lunch for a stuffed sopapilla it was a joy but too small now and I’m under one hundred fourty pounds and eat accodingly so they’ve also kept costs stable too but that’s not enough…. this might surprise you but never before I can think of have I ordered correctly as in an entree and not left full or full enough. later itss schlotskis for a dinner era sandwich and I get a small. mind you I had a snack sized cereal first and same thing. while I’m by no means starving. I’m getting more appetitie in the evenings so often not getting much as i’m at dialysis and you guessed itt except by prescription, no eating and if prescribed it’s only a crappo chalk protein drink but oddly this places while still chalk is fairly tasty. nova source brand….chocolate. choc, vanilla, strawberry options.

if you’re not catching on, I’m not particularly inspired this instant. but so you feel that by actions is part of writing exercise. even a dash boring is part of life. and it’s not really because I had zilch happening. bit out of my ordinary. dine out day good junk food a eye and ear catching new to me tune…. heheheh. even catcchatted with brother in law’s father whom I don’t have epic ammounts in common with so if we converse any it’s a banner moment. yes this is exactly how bad I type when I’m unable to see the screen at all and haven’t spent eons editing it.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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