323 and all’s well

St louis pork ribs bake in a basic on hand rub of… sweet n smokey (salt free) ((I know it’s in a classic mccormick brands bottle)) and salt. 285°F four hours versus 350°F 2.5hrs. Largely just pretending my craps better with that extra slow deliberateness… But maybe maybe mine are tender enough to eat. We’ll see.

coffee appeared like a magic half sink more of dishes hee hee but I’ve joe! Yay! (Thanks so and so but also good guy upstairs)

none of this is as eye catching as the Volvo barge. I know you’d go hunh? And James Taylor is finally echoing more often in the change in roommates. (One roommate liked 70’s classic Rock the other james taylor one was more open living in w that he changed residences I get softer but there james… And for reasons excitement “cars” research Perkins and you’ll get there. I mean swapping a wimp-tastic tractor motor for a gas gauge zzler you’ll get a.n amazing 40 or more fuel economy… But be lucky to get to highway speeds.. . Turbos help. And yes raw torque like diesels have, but gas less so, can chirp tires. And thus if it’s simple enough cheap enough and available… Much can recycle to new use. It however isn’t like it was we repaired everything life of our great grandparents we now toss and walmart… It’s no joke that it’s cheaper to MacDonald’s buck burger than cook. But stuff is recycled still… A busted tractor can be in a broke down truck 2 years more life complete with highschool fool burnouts!))

Broiled 20 10 heat off knife is portions crusts crisps as seen not par boiled nor marinated thus the salt isn’t quite restaurant (no issue, I personally can not have that level of sodium anyways but I know “good” and nnnh! ) Overall pleased as I never have before quick tossed ribs in nor dry rubbed them.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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Turbo diesel or tractor engine swapped, while you’ll have to take his word it’s a third gear or any gear but it does chirp tires as said… Torque high enough to do so… Diesels while lower revving are high torque …chirp but struggle with lower horsepower to make speed thus this looks impressive and for back woods on budget wow! But inall application um use brain, it’s not gas it’s not highway speeds it’s kinda useless in city life except to convenience store and back heh… However imagine this in pretty paint and you can roll it to the burger joint car show with pride!

It’s worth this note on math, ability,, costs… An average 80’s truck is about oh 3800 usd for a 4×4 and 2500 rust bucket but running. On Paper! Now a defunct tractor for motor…diesels never die only rest… 1500 rescue plus trans or labor help now if you’ve Time! And 2500 parts sundry yikes it’s worth a turbo hosery and such to swap out 18-20mpg gas engine tank line etc to Diesel at 40 mpg this 120000 miles before it’s not gaurunteed it can cost of breakage fixes etc become too much too fast, but that’s the math at modern day swap…if you can not move engines and make/cobble a mount or this type of not typical wrench twiddling add 5k in shop labor and it’s worth it I guess it’s different but any savings is lost but 200 a month ish 2 years repayment of second expense or 350 for 2 years all expense you see it’s just different on a budget as 350 better credit is a late model nevermind…. Heh. The arduous efforts are time you’re offer not compensate for and suddenly magic occurs yet this only works if you can twiddle it in 2 weekends otherwise real world you’ve unlikely support especially since it better squeel tires or um, wow I’ve a slow black smoking rattletrap! Wooooowwwwwwww! Or I’m not saying it’s a waste but rare it’s worth it just because. Math is cruel. Auto as a hobby. Still neat, but most are given drothers not into the mess about the years rusting dreams for that lucky break you have it handy when you could live junkyard gross spouse free too. Life’s a options interesting ly always proposition. Same with animals love…fine but oh how many dreams are blown when fluffy suddenly needs the biyearly vet check and oh a course in urinary cat care kidney food nothing major bye bye cruise. Add three hours chores I mean we love pets they ARE worth choosing but the trap us too no payout just joys. Better choice is hard to steer for. Sure is a shame when having to accept others we look for free choice as in hey invest in yourself I’m looking for easy give oh I have rules needs like animals and I’m not sharing a bathroom the most desired extra feature housing with kitchen and garage space not easily there to obtain within no investment… I mean math is cruel. Somewhat inflexible needs are fast deal squished things. An ideas real costs and times quite lucrative numbers generation! Yet diesel at $3 a gallon is only giving 21 mpg savings at a loss in but barely highway speeds possible or 120 a month in fuel savings by 4 years is when you by fuel savings paid for the project and that’s something swiped from nothing but a lot of investment. And I guess it’s great if it lasts five for a minor profit. We live in a time of hurry up show me the profit! Or I’ve been there there is rules lines etc I’m so sorry! But no! What you ask is for you to do for you. Nevermind how that answer means I came for naught I will now crash and reservedly burn. Or as imagining this stuff wow 5 k in tools great I’m now stuck twiddling 5 years to save dough means chose. To 5k up a truck tractor swap to make cool out of Budget. These great time dead only work if the investment was made. Refer to I’m sorry I’m not making I’m living. Heh but so far just some blogs given out heh. Possible not thought of. Understanding why it’s quite fair maybe not but 100%likely things occur. Some shade tree fix engines over 6weeks grudged stays costing minimally in cash yes but heavy agonies… Some know the cost just aren’t showing results and you’ve done the believing investment games

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