The crows, trickster gods

Caw-cussed my entire walk

Aww good aw aw, awwww

here its two I probably should check the cats food levels even if he’s started a dash early with the I’m starving growls. Typical to my period it was 3:30 am but he was always early a m lippy. The dog has fresh cool water and shortly both scounger eaters will have abundance. Dog was cute snout snout trying to roll more blanket about him. I forgot the coffee was pause and serve so not seeing the caraf I put any vessel in and hung? Only a slurp? Yes, ding ding, you have to push that pause button up to release the magic!

I’ve a scheduled meander after a cart so I may attend a collection of a box not far but too much for my current abilities to slog it and my usual aides will not be gaurunteed back to hope up a ride. I had to reorder my treatment too it figures some times that stuff can clash badly timewise and even worse when you don’t drive. -8/9 opening and 1 close and I’ve 825 to bus for 9:06 arrival to 9:40 treatment 2:10 out or lol you’d think I’d miss a valuable treatment to sort an errand.. but I’m lucky in that treatment when needed altered to 420 to allow me to errand.

I had a shock of expected versus reality of my forward plans and I’m a bit sad I forget a milasecond to be grateful in all I may have. It isn’t the plan but we don’t always get what we want. Why is the plan sooo important?

case in point, no one this minute has milk. I know I normally black coffee til there is no option then where’s the cream? But there was swiss miss hot choc powder which is chocolate creamer of a sort! Heh. So ding, ding had good coffee still to finish. Petted the critters stuck counting on me, recognoitered there food and dogs water…cat is a brat and expects a dripping faucet. I guess it’s 2:30 I can refresh cat food. I can’t just wake in an hour to feed his highness on his schedule. Which is wake when I want you anyways.

i shall meander on my preparatory errand after a snooze.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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